What is Reflexology

Reflexology is a term that describes a form of pressure which is applied to the feet, hands and ears in a manner designed to relax the client. Through the nerves in the hands and feet, a form of massage stimulates specific pressure points connected to the central nervous system that create calming and relaxing results for the entire body. This art dates back many centuries, first found in Chinese writings. The Europeans made the discovery of reflexology in writings about massage in the 1500’s, and translated the information due to its perceived value.

Reflexology has been known to be beneficial in lowering stress levels, improving sleep, and if used regularly, numerous other benefits may be experienced by the client. Reflexology creates an improved flow of vital life energy throughout the nervous system through massaging pressure points. The hands, feet and ears all have specific points that correspond to organs within the body. Flow of energy through these organs can be positively affected by applying pressure to the specific points as mapped out centuries ago to the hands, feet and ears.

Many people enjoy the use of essential oils with reflexology. Essential oils have many health benefits. Some, such as Lavender, can add to relaxation during a reflexology session. Just a thirty minute session of reflexology can ease the stress of your week, relax your tense muscles, and perhaps stimulate nerves leading to particular organs that may have needed a little support or boost.

For those interested in learning about working with pressure points, reflexology is an easy art for beginners. Charts are available with easy to follow pictures of the hands and feet. These maps show colored sections of the surface of the hand or foot, and they map out which areas correlate to which organs within the body. There are many great, easy to follow books and videos. This should ease the process of a novice exploring reflexology for themselves. If you find that you would like to become certified to practice this art or other skills like it, classes are also available, and can be found online.

I became certified in reflexology a few years before my elderly mother became ill. Reflexology was the first healing modality I chose to pursue. It took a couple of years of my mother’s gentle encouragement for me to give Reflexology serious consideration. I’m glad I did. Learning, knowing, and applying reflexology became quite a gift for her in the final year of her life. My mother would call me almost daily and ask me to come over to “do her feet” as she called it. Each day, after I arrived, I would get lotion and massage her hands and her feet, and I’d apply Reflexology all the way up to her knees before the session was complete. When I left the house, my mother would often be asleep. My mother had congestive heart failure. She remained on Hospice, living at home with my sister for over a full year. This is much longer than the medical system could explain. My mother’s heart kept going, and she was able to enjoy more time with her family than a person on hospice would normally be able to experience. That extra year made all of the difference for her. She was able to die at peace by having had that extra time. Could it be because of reflexology? I can’t say that Reflexology was the only reason she lasted longer than expected, but it sure didn’t hurt her any. She rested comfortably, and that was for her, a gold mine. I’m so glad I took my mother’s advice and learned my first alternative healing modality, Reflexology.

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