What is Healing Touch Program

My first introduction to the Healing Touch Program was at a monthly gathering of like-minded energy healers and psychic readers. As I lie on the treatment table, surrendering to the manner in which the practitioner moved energy around and throughout my body, I began to experience a level of relaxation that was almost foreign to me. I found myself falling asleep at one point, in a room with strangers. Who does that?

The practitioner had a light blanket covering me, and I thought it odd, until, while she stood at my feet at one point during the treatment, I suddenly began to weep, and chills traveled throughout my body. She commented then that she had been guided to stay at my feet for a bit and now she could see why. She was picking up in her thoughts, on a very painful relationship/breakup of mine that I hadn’t been able to fully let go of yet. The work she was doing allowed my body to release the energy of the trauma that I had been holding onto for years. Before this moment, I had had no idea that I had been holding onto this pain. I thought I had put that relationship into my past and moved on.  Healing Touch Program is an energy healing modality. Trained practitioners use their intentions, their hearts, and their hands to move and to clear energy within the body’s biofield, or the magnetic field around the body of their clients. This is a holistic approach to healing, able to affect the physical, emotional, mental as well as the spiritual well-being of the person receiving a treatment. It is a most gentle approach to wellness, leaving the client fully relaxed, and in a peaceful state of mind and body at the completion of the session.

Even a client in the most fragile of health conditions could feel safe with this type of healing modality. Healing Touch Program is peer-reviewed and is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association. ABC did a special documenting the effectiveness of Healing Touch Program. Healing Touch Program has been scientifically documented to increase speed of recovery for recent surgery patients. Finally, there have even been insurance companies willing to pay for treatments for recent surgery patients due to the proven scientific benefits. Healing Touch Program practitioners work side by side with nurses within hospital settings to assist patients.

Healing Touch Program was founded by Janet Mentgen in 1989, and became a certificate program in 1990 as a continuing education course for nurses, sponsored by the American Holistic Nurses Association. Janet created this modality out of the combination of her skill as a nurse and her intuitive healing abilities. In 1993 her daughter, Lisa Mentgen-Gordon, began to work with her mother in the Healing Touch Program, and now is the CEO, continuing her mother’s healing legacy.

The Healing Touch Program also has a program designed specifically to help pets. If you’re looking for a holistic approach to better health for your pets, or you would like to learn for yourself how to help your pets, Healing Touch for Animals might interest you.


Clear Choices Healing Center is proud to offer space for Healing Touch Program practitioners to provide treatments for clients in our healing centers, as well as referrals to practitioners in or around your area.


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