What is Acupressure

There are times when you might wish there were something you could do on your own to aid or relieve your own physical discomforts, pain, or symptoms, such as being able to relieve stress, anxiety, or dissipate the pain of a headache. As it has become common knowledge that ibuprofen eats away the lining of the stomach over time, it might be prudent to look to avoid taking medication at every opportunity.  That’s why Acupressure is a good modality to be aware of. Acupressure is an artform developed over 5,000 years ago in Asia and has been widely used in Chinese medicine ever since. The Chinese use precise finger placement with gentle pressure over designated points along appropriate areas of the body. With a little practice and a well written book on the subject for guidance, you can learn some acupressure techniques to aid yourself to relax, improve sleep, release tension, improve blood flow which promotes healing, and even dissipate pain as well as with many other simple health issues.

The purpose of acupressure is to activate the flow of energy, or to stimulate the movement of energy in the proper direction within the meridians, or energy channels throughout the body. Activating these energy channels can enhance what Chinese medicine practitioners call “Qi”, and we in America call “Chi”, or “life-energy”, something conventional doctors do not treat. There is enough scientific proof now available to show that the physical body is an energy system. However, your conventional western medical doctor is trained to tell you that there is no such thing as a meridian system. Let me help you understand more about the meridian system.

Each meridian creates a layer of energy in the auric field around the body, and connects to specific organs and/or areas within the body. The meridians feed vital energy to their related organs which then promotes healthy organ function throughout the body. There are numerous ways to work with the meridians to improve health. Acupressure is only one of these techniques. When a meridian is blocked, the organ related to that specific meridian suffers and this then creates pain, discomfort, or a physical ailment at or near that specific organ. Each meridian has at least one specific point, referred to as an alarm point. Those alarm points are found mostly along the center of the body. When pressed, the person will experience pain from the applied pressure if the organ and/or the meridian needs attention. Once this imbalance to a meridian is noted, twisting or pulling on the alarm point can clear the imbalance of energy. (This doesn’t mean that the ailment or issue with the organ is healed or cured.) I do wonder why conventional medicine ignores the importance of the body’s meridian system. We will just have to continue to wonder, I suppose. But let’s move on with our subject.

Once the alarm point has been tested and found to have an imbalance in its related energy flow, you can positively affect the flow of energy through a meridian by applying light, firm pressure for two or three minutes over its related pressure points. My experience in doing so has been to occasionally notice a bit of a chill as energies are moved throughout my body, via the meridian. I might even experience a bit of light-headedness as the energies shift. In some cases, pain will even begin to subside during the time the pressure points are being pressed. I’ve observed over many such treatments that the pain continues to decrease for hours after an acupressure treatment has been completed.

The kidney meridian runs from the bottom of the feet all the way up the front of the body to the top of the sternum. The pressure point I am about to reference, connected to the kidney meridian, can be found at the bottom of the feet. This is one of my favorite acupressure points. I used this point for my elderly mother in her darkest hours, and used acupressure to bring her through a seizure and even help her recover her mental faculties after a stroke. I started using this point for her immediately after the crisis of the stroke occurred while the paramedics were working on her, I held pressure on the acupressure points on the bottom of her feet right until until the moment she was put into the ambulance, and then I continued her acupressure treatment the moment I could get to her at the hospital. I continued to apply pressure to this point during her hospital stay and throughout her recovery as well for about 15-30 minutes at a time, numerous times, throughout the day. Doctors discovered a brain bleed after her stroke, and she had other complications that kept her in the hospital for three weeks following the stroke. However, she recovered her complete mental capacity and faculties as well as not experiencing any long term physical debilitation from her stroke.

Attending nurses were amazed by her not losing any of her faculties or physical abilities. I don’t believe that was a miracle. I believe she recovered due to the use of acupressure on her from the moment we found her after her stroke and throughout her recovery.  Although there are acupressure points you will want to try on yourself, choosing an alternative medicine practitioner who uses acupressure in their daily practice can be highly beneficial in your quest to recover from any physical ailments you may currently have, as well as in maintaining long term positive health for you and those you care about.


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