Trust and Why it’s so important to Clear Choices Healing Center’s Success

I try to read something every day to improve myself or expand my mind and increase the number of points of view that I can see in any situation. This morning, I continued my reading of a book called Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action by a man named Simon Sinek. I was reading a chapter called The Emergence of Trust and I was inspired by what he shared. Also, I realized that the points he made apply to what we are trying to accomplish here at Clear Choices Healing Centers.

While I am changing words and not plagiarizing exact words, I am using his ideas to make my point and give him full credit for the ideas shared in this article. In the chapter, Sinek talks about Continental Airlines and the fact that through the 80s and early 90s, they had gone through ten CEOs, lost over $600 million dollars, declared bankruptcy twice, and by just about any measurable reference, came in at the bottom of any scale imaginable. However, in 1994, Continental hired a new CEO named Gordon Bethune.

Bethune mentions in his first hand account of his turning around the company says, “it (Continental Airlines) was a crummy place to work.” Employees were “surely to customers, surely to each other, and ashamed of their company.” Bethune goes on, “…you can’t have a good product without people who like coming to work.” Within one year, Bethune had turned around the fortune of Continental. The company showed $250 million dollars in profit and the entire culture had changed. People liked coming to work and it showed in Continental’s customer service scores.

How did Bethune change the entire culture inside of a huge company so quickly? He realized that the employees didn’t trust the company and the customers therefore followed suit. Dollars and cents is the most visible measruing stick that most people in our culture focus on and as a result, most people and companies end up believing that money is the most important measuring stick of success. However, Bethune knew that the feeling of trust is much more powerful. Sinek states on page 84 that “a completed checklist does not guarantee trust. Trust begins to emerge when people begin to feel that a person or organization is driven by something more than their own personal gain.”

When Bethune took over, the 6th floor of their corporate offices has security and only upper management were given an access key to enter that floor, as if management were somehow more important than regular employees. The first thing Bethune did was to make this floor accessible to all employees and Bethune let his employees know through his actions every day that he could be trusted. This began the turn around as employees began to see that Bethune was not words or hot air. In fact, Continental’s hierarchy turned over 39 higher ups and people who didn’t believe what Bethune believed, which is that people are much more important than money.

Clear Choices Healing Center is founded on the same principles. Money is not important here. Bottom line doesn’t matter here, only that our customers, donors, and patients receive help for whatever condition ails them. It doesn’t matter if a person is suffering from anxiety or harmful thoughts, or if a person has a condition or ailment that cannot be helped via traditional western medicine. Our only goal at Clear Choices Healing Centers is the well being of anyone who desires to be helped.

If you have a similar belief, please contact us and ask us how you can help and/or donate so that we have the ability to help those that cannot afford alternative healing options.

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