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Why on Earth would an organization that is supporting non traditional means of healing mention a TV show, like The Resident, in which the main theme is a traditional western medical facility that promotes its own means? Well, frankly, the Resident is a great show. It has drama. It is inspiring, having a doctor that believes that all people can be saved and who will never give up on a patient. It has politics that need to be dealt with and compelling story lines. This page is not to knock traditional western medicine and the role that it plays and can play in the lives of this country’s citizens, but to support and praise the role that traditional western medicine can and does play in the lives of the people. Frankly, the United States’ trauma units are the best in the world. If someone has a heart attack, or a woman has a cyst burst and needs immediate care, or like myself, a person falls down and jams their hand onto the top of a wrought iron fence and the metal goes almost all the way through the hand; U.S. trauma care and emergency rooms are second to none. A person has a million percent more chance of survival and recovery after a trauma like these as well as in a myriad of other instances than they did just 60 years ago.

Clear Choices Healing Centers are for the person who realizes that traditional western medicine is no longer helping that person to recover nor heal from whatever day to day ailment that a person has. Also, there are not a lot of people out there who currently think about means outside of western medicine. This is what we have all been taught since we were little via the media, commercials, movies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Have you ever considered that your very own thought patterns and behavior patterns could have an effect on your physical health? If you are one of the millions of obese people in this country who currently take more than 6 pills every day to cope with the plethora of maladies that an obese person faces, have you considered that your eating, or your other maladies are just symptoms of something deeper?

If you have adult on-set diabetes and don’t like the effects that medicine has on you, your memory is affected, you feel dizzy, or have any other number of symptoms of adult on-set diabetes, what are your other choices? Do you know that there are thousands of people who have rid themselves of adult on-set diabetes through the twelve step program of Overeaters Anonymous? This is a twelve step program that helps compulsive overeaters, anorexics, bulimics, compulsive exercisers, and sugar addicts recover from their respective diseases.

Yes, eating disorders are dis-eases. They are not a result of lack of will-power. They are not a result of a lack of discipline. They are not the result of a lack of control. They are a disease just like alcoholism or drug addiction. Welcome to a new point of view.

People who have actually done their work on themselves, and followed the program have recovered, and have been given new tools in their tool-box-for-life to deal with their eating, lack of eating, vomiting, or other food related dis-ease. That is the key term “dis-ease”. The person is not at ease, and this shows up in their physical body to try to get the person to become aware that there are more choices than just pills and getting motivated to go to the gym.

Personally, I am obese. I have lost more than 30 pounds multiple times in my life, and after the age of 29, each of those times was because I was doing the work on myself. When I found out something that I hadn’t dealt with from my past, or something else I wasn’t paying attention to in my thought patterns or behavior patterns, the weight came off easily. That desire to eat late at night disappeared. That inability to control myself at the dinner table or with snacks disappeared, and the weight literally fell off of my body very quickly. I didn’t need to “get motivated’. I needed to do the work on myself.

These are just some of the things that Clear Choices Healing Centers offer people. Most importantly, Clear Choices Healing Centers offer a new point of view on your health and on your healing. In the meantime, enjoy shows like The Resident. They are compelling and frankly, awesome!

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