What is Scalar Energy

When my friend first told me about Scalar Energy nearly four months ago, I did what most people do in today’s day and age. I went to the computer and put in the keyword combination, “what is scalar energy?’ Frankly, what came back to me wasn’t really all that helpful. I found terms like, ‘zero point energy’, and ‘quantum pendants’ and ‘scalar pendants’.Honestly, this didn’t excite me. However, I learned long ago that while skepticism is good, believing my brain’s judgement of something can cause me to miss out on some really great opportunities to learn, grow, and to see and experience new points of view. As a result, I’ve worked quite hard over the last twenty-two years to be slow to judge, and quick to give credit when something has value. I can, with confidence, tell you that Scalar Energy has value.

How do I know that Scalar Energy has value? I can give you the first person and second person accounts as some kind of testimonial and then let you listen to your own inner guidance, You can listen to your intuition as to whether having Scalar Energy done on you would be useful or not. In its most simple terms, Scalar Energy is like having high intensity, positive energy beamed at you. Who doesn’t need a little more positive energy in their life? Yes, you might be smiling right now, sort of like Star Trek.My friend, who is an energy healer, told me that her mother was in hospice for 18 months. Now, for those of you that have experienced hospice, or had a relative go through hospice, you understand that a person who has been put into hospice has days, perhaps weeks, and on rare occasions, only a couple of months left to live. IT’S NOT POSSIBLE FOR A PERSON IN HOSPICE TO LIVE 18 MORE MONTHS!!! This person’s mother did.

Her mother had congestive heart failure. As her heart failed, other parts of her body failed as well and she would get continuous urinary tract infections. For any of you that have experienced urinary tract infections (UTI), you know how painful and how much discomfort this can create in your personal area. The conventional cure for a UTI is an antibiotic. Well, most of you know that the more times a person takes an antibiotic, the more the body builds up an immunity to antibiotics and eventually, antibiotics will no longer work in helping a person be rid of an infection. This happened to my friend’s mother. By the twelfth time her mother had a UTI, my friend knew that she needed to find another way to help her mother be rid of these painful UTIs.

That is when someone recommended Scalar Energy to her. She was referred to a man named Tom Paladino. Tom has spent the last thirty years of his life studying Scalar Energy, and designing a delivery system in order to help people to receive and feel the benefits. He has done this with little to no money along the way, so, for him, this is a calling. The process is quite simple really, Mr. Paladino takes a picture with a person’s head, neck, and arms exposed so that he can see the skin, inserts the picture into a group of pictures, and inserts those into the machine he designed to deliver Scalar Energy to the recipients. Lo and behold, after a 30 day treatment my friend’s mother never had another recurrence. Also, this treatment took place a couple of years before she went on Hospice. After experiencing dozens of UTIs throughout her lifetime, and living with a compromised immune system due to her failing heart and body, she never had another UTI. In fact, she lived two more years without an occurrence before entering Hospice and throughout her entire Hospice experience. My friend was so moved by this miraculous occurrence, or perhaps a miraculous non-occurrence, that when her dog contracted her (yes the dog was a she) third UTI, my friend didn’t need any more prompting. She contacted Mr. Paladino and send her dog’s picture to Mr. Paladino, and even though her dog was elderly, and didn’t have much longer to live, her dog never experienced another UTI. There were no negative effects nor any side effects from receiving Scalar Energy. For those of you that have experienced UTIs, you may want to give it a shot.

Next, I will relate my experience with Scalar Energy to you. I have 7 herniated discs, three vertebrae fractures, pain in my hip, no cartilage in my shoulders, bone spurs, two torn labrum, two torn rotator cuffs, and impinged nerves in both my shoulders and spine. As a result, I am in a high level of constant pain. For those of you that have had experience with pain medication, you know that it causes constipation. Of course it does, right? Pain medication takes all of the water out of the body, so, the bowel movement becomes hard and is difficult to pass.  

Scalar Energy alleviates that problem. And, for the past three months, everything has passed through quite easily. On the times that I have had to take an extra pain pill, it only takes a day or two to clean out my system, as opposed to my previous experiences of needing a plunger every day. I’ll leave that one alone for now, but working at CVS, I see that stool softener is big business. Imagine if you no longer needed a stool softener?

When a person is in pain, their pulse goes up. I had had a resting pulse rate of 54 my whole life, that is, until I started experiencing extreme pain from my herniated discs. So, for the last five years, my resting heart rate has been between 85 and 90 due to the constant extreme pain I’ve been in. Scalar Energy brought my resting heart rate back into the low 60s, and that is where it has remained over the past three months.Finally, for those of you that are familiar with your aura and chakras, and for those of you that understand we live in a dense world, and our energy needs cleaning daily, you’ll like this. Cleaning my energy, grounding, doing my protection on my energy system took at least ten minutes every morning and every evening. In fact, I found it to be a hassle. Since beginning  Scalar Energy treatments, this process now takes me about two minutes, once per day. For those of you that are sensitive to your energy and other’s energy, you’ll appreciate the chakra balancing and energy cleaning and clearing that Scalar Energy provides.

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired to give it a shot. There are countless third party success stories, and countless other physical ailments that have healed and that healing has been attributed to Scalar Energy, but I will allow you to continue that research on your own. What other physical ailments can Scalar Energy help with? I believe the only way for you to find out is to inquire about it and give it a shot. I have been receiving daily treatments for over three months now, and I can tell you it is worth every penny.