Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics

Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics, as described by the founder Steve Richards, is “An Advanced Aboriginal Healing Modality for the Future from the Past”. Steve grew up in Australia, born of Aboriginal descent. At the age of eight he began a quest to learn why he was so different from other children. He studied every book he could find, and later asked the Aboriginal Elders, his living ancestors, for help to understand how at the age of four he was able to know things his parents said he shouldn’t have known at such an early age. He wanted to know how it was possible for him to do things that he couldn’t explain. The Elders couldn’t help him understand either. They explained that they didn’t have the education to be able to explain what it was they could do. They just knew that they could do it. From decades of Steve Richard’s study and practice came a healing modality called Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics that Steve and his partner, Lisa Marie, have since shared around the world.

If you’re anything like me, going to Steve’s scientifically written website can make your head spin. He doesn’t sugar coat anything in the way he communicates because he means business. So, I’m very grateful for the numerous videos Steve has posted on his website that describe experiences he has had with clients in his sessions. By using these videos, Steve has been able to explain how Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics works. These videos have helped me understand his work in a way my non-scientific mind could have never otherwise grasped the depth of his knowledge and wisdom.

Within his videos and on his website, Steve explains something called “Lore”. Lore is another word for Universal Law. “The Laws of Lore are that Man is responsible for his thought, word, deed, and action.” Steve continues, “whatever creation you create, you in return, must experience that creation as it was your creation. Only by you experiencing your creation will you ever understand the experience as the giver and receiver of that creation, which in turn keeps balance.”

Steve’s work, you could say, has taken him on a journey down the “rabbit hole”, discovering in his words, that the world doesn’t work the way we think it works. His website is a fascinating read, if you take it one webpage at a time and really try to absorb each page.

As a certified practitioner of Steve’s fascinating modality of Holographic Kinetics, and still being only a beginner, it is awe inspiring and transformational for me to do this work. Having experienced the opposite point of view of having this work done on me has been even more fascinating and even a wonder. During my first healing session, prior to becoming a practitioner, while lying on the table, I wondered how I was “supposed to” participate as a client.

As my practitioner went through the steps, I found my mind wandering, and I noticed my mind tell me that I should be doing something differently than I was doing…that I was doing my part of the process “wrong”. I had to keep reminding myself that the mind will do that – that my mind would constantly tell me that I’m “doing it wrong” I knew, from all of the other work I had done that I needed to just let my thoughts and judgments go and to trust the process. I knew I needed to trust whatever “shows up” for me. I knew that whatever showed up for me would depend upon which personal issues I had brought to my practitioner.

Not every client receives a picture or scene inside their mind during a session, however, I am a visual thinker, I see in pictures and scenes, and I hear thoughts. So this process comes easy for me, even though what I receive, I receive in bits. That’s the interesting part. I receive bits of scenes like scenes from a movie. My mind, however wanted more. My was telling me, ‘show me more!’ My mind wanted and/or expected an entire movie. My mind said, “Is that it? Really? You’re not doing it right!” I noticed a slight rush of emotion, as I watched the short, vivid scene in my mind with fascination, and noticed the judgement my mind had that I wasn’t getting the intended outcome of the session. It took some time, but as the session continued, I was able to get passed the struggle over not doing it right, and was able to become at ease with the process.

My only assignment was to bring a list of three physical issues that I’d like to work on during my session. The practitioner didn’t say which one of these three issues we’d be working on first. Through the use of Kinesiology, a science based diagnostic skill introduced in the mid 1960’s, the practitioner asks the client’s Spirit which issue in the list the Spirit chooses to work on and in which order. The practitioner then uses a different list of emotions designed to help the practitioner find any attachments that might be causing an issue from my list. Once those factors are established the process begins This requires the participation of the client.

As I lie on the table, eyes shut, suddenly I see, in my mind, a sharp, clear scene of a dry and mountainous landscape. Mostly brown, with little greenery, almost all boulders and sand. Suddenly, a thin framed, suntanned little boy of about 8 years old, wearing just a flap and braids, came darting towards me at breakneck speed from behind a huge boulder right in front of me. The boy ran past my view, and suddenly into my view from where he had come from, loped a full grown male lion, looking committed, yet confident and relaxed. What I sensed from the lion was a feeling of sport, fun, and confidence. The lion, too, ran past my view, and the scene in my mind was over.

I still pondered the scene as my practitioner asked me to move on to the next step in the process. However, I found it difficult to let go of my mind telling me that I wasn’t doing it right. My mind was insisting that something was wrong with me moving onto another issue or moving away from this scene/movie clip which I had just watched in my mind. That simple scene couldn’t have had anything to do with my issue, could it?

Only a few months after that first session, I got the opportunity to take the initial practitioners course to become certified as a Dreamtime Healing with Holographic Kinetics practitioner. During the seven day course, students practice what they learn on one another. I had experienced this practicing on one another in other energy healing modality courses as well.

As students, we were asked to create a list of our own actual issues that we would like to have addressed during class. One of the major issues I listed for a student to practice on me was a mass in my left lung. This mass had been growing for ten years and had become very painful in my chest and back. The pain was sharp with every breath I took. Another was a recurring sinus infection that attacked my immune system and had created a continuous theme of me fighting for my life. This struggle that had been ongoing since my early adulthood. Three months after that class ended, both issues were GONE. These issues have never come back. Other issues cleared up as well, and my daughters wanted to know why I looked so much younger.

I chose to leave comments on my initial session as a client til last for a reason. I did receive immediate improvements in the issues that I listed for my practitioner, and they weren’t all related to health. One such benefit was in regards to my path in energy healing. I felt very stuck in my growth as an energy healer. I found myself discovering more and more modalities that drew my interest, but I wasn’t able to find one to really focus my attention on. I was unable to excel at any single energy healing modality. This concerned me, due to the fact that energy healing isn’t just a novelty to me. I actually had a passion for it and I had some natural abilities in the area of energy work. My hands actually heat up when I send energy, and the heat is strong. So of course, I expect myself to “be a real energy healer”. Therefore, one of the issues on my list was to move whatever had me stuck in my growth as a healer. My desire was for my ability as a healer to open up and to be able to move forward with clarity.

That evening, information and awareness opened up for me that I had previously been resistant to, limited to, or blocked from somehow receiving. Since then, I’ve co-founded a nationwide nonprofit with the mission to create access for everyone who might be open to receiving holistic healing treatments. I’ve realized that my purpose isn’t to be a great healer of one individual energy healing modality, but rather to bring all great healers together and help people to find those special healers. Also, for those who might not have the available funds to receive treatments, I’m determined to help those interested parties pay for their treatments so that ALL people have access to the wonderfully liberating freedom that comes as a result of these treatments. Finally, I’m committed to helping anyone that might be open to these types of treatments. I want to offer people all of the information needed to allow them to have the courage to try these treatments and to be at peace with the process. This is a task that conventional medicine and the insurance industry has no interest in doing. I’m convinced that the journey that I’m on now as Vice President of Clear Choices Healing Center began with that first Dreamtime Healing with Holographic Kinetics session.

What is Eden Energy Medicine

As a young adult, I learned that the palms of my hands heat up with energy. Since first discovering that I was able to send energy out of the palms of my hands and into myself or others, I just naturally thought that everybody had this ability. I wanted to know more about how to use this energy coming out of my hands to help people. As a result, I began to explore books that might help me to understand how this energy healing stuff works. Discovering that you’re born with the ability to make healing energy flow out of you and into others doesn’t necessarily mean you receive an instruction manual to go along with this ability. If you were also born with hard-headedness as I was, the “How To” on how to make this energy ability thing work does not come any easier than the discovery that you actually have the ability did. So, the hard-headed thing to do, in my mind, of course, is to go book shopping and study how this whole energy healing thing works. As a result, I now have a small collection of books on energy healing.


One of my favorite books in my collection is called Energy Medicine, Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality, by Donna Eden. One of the ways I could relate to Donna was that she had the ability to actually see/perceive people’s energy and emotions flowing in and around their body and their chakra system, and she just naturally thought that everyone could see this. As a young adult, Donna had the epiphany that NOT everyone could see what she could see. She realized that a course to help people work with energy the way she does might be useful.

This led to her becoming a teacher of energy work and energy healing, teaching people about the chakra system, the aura, the emotions attached, and the meridian points in our energy fields. Due to the extent of detailed information she has taught over 100,000 people worldwide for almost 4 decades regarding how our body works as an energy system, Ms. Eden has often been referred to as the mother of energy work. The modality she’s shared with the world is called Eden Energy Medicine. Donna uses her book as a textbook to teach a person  how to work with the things mentioned above. She has taught both laypeople and professionals how to understand the body as an energy system.

Two of the main subjects that are explained in Donna’s work are the chakra system and the meridian system. The book explains that the meridian system is linked to every organ of the body. She teaches how to test the meridians, and how to reset an imbalanced meridian. Really, I can’t begin to do more than just touch on the wealth of knowledge to be gained through Donna’s years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) has an extensive website, which is available for anyone to explore. I am grateful for the fact that you don’t have to be certified as a EEM practitioner to be able to look up specific health issues on the EEM website in order to search out solutions. I have been able to find helpful resources on Donna’s website numerous times, from acupressure points to exercises that are designed to affect a meridian or to move energy in a specific manner. This guidance has helped me or others get relief from an immediate health issue countless time. I even found what I needed to help a lady assist her elderly dog to awaken from a coma once, through massaging pressure points in the pads of the dog’s feet.

If I have a favorite acupressure point, it would be what Donna refers to in her book as the “Wellspring of Life”. The Wellspring of Life relates to the kidney meridian, at the bottom of the feet, below the ball of the foot, and in the soft area under the arch. I used that spot for my elderly mother after a stroke, a seizure, and when she was mentally sluggish. My mother left us eventually, but at least she still had a sharp mind. Donna tells a story in her book of a doctor who used this method to stop a man from dying in the emergency room from shock.

One of my favorite testimonies is that I was able to assist my sister with relief from such extreme sciatic and lower back pain that the pain almost sent her to the emergency room after two days of suffering. In just a matter of a few hours, and a few repeated cycles of holding specific acupressure points for her, the pain decreased. My sister noticed relief as I sat holding the acupressure points for her. By morning, her back was sore, and she was exhausted from the intensity of the constant pain, but she had experienced great relief, didn’t need the emergency room, and needed no more treatments. Improvement continued on it’s own, and she has not had another sciatica crisis since. I’m not a professional at this. I studied the book, and was able to help my sister.

I will say that I do have certifications in some energy healing modalities, but not this one, not yet. That doesn’t preclude me from recommending to you that Eden Energy Medicine can be a gateway for you to find relief from pain or various other ailments without having to go to the doctor and take pain medication. In my mind, Eden Energy Medicine can be the foundation for anyone who is open to exploring all of the wisdom contained therein and as a result is one of the most important things CCHC could offer its patients, clients, or any interested party.

What is a Modality

What is a Modality?

When we are not feeling our best, our first thought is usually to call for an appointment with our medical doctor. Conventional Medicine is a term that encompasses the most commonly accepted practice of medicine, including your primary care physician and specialists that you might be referred to by your primary care physician, and any tests your medical team may deem necessary to run in order to aid your doctor or doctors in determining the cause of your ailments.

Alternative medicine is a term that covers a wide variety of options outside of conventional medicine to help people move towards better health. Alternative medicine tends to depend less on pharmaceuticals and surgeries, and more upon a recognition of the body’s natural ability to heal itself, often with a change in diet or with the removal of a blockage within the energy field of the body. This energy shift can be done in a variety of ways. One of those ways is the adjustments to the alignment of bones such as what is done by a chiropractor. Another way is by clearing energy flow within the meridian system or the chakras. Yet another way is clearing energy in the auric field around the body such as Eden Energy Medicine.

If you’re familiar at all with Alternative Medicine, you’ve probably heard the term, “modality”. What is a modality? What exactly does the term “modality” mean?

The Dictionary defines Modality this way:

“A particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed.”

When we refer to a modality in the alternative healing community, we are referring to one of the different types of practices or offerings within the alternative healing community. For example, if you’re exploring energy healing, you’re going to have an opportunity to get information on a wide variety of ways energy healing can be administered. Some of the “modalities” available within the field of energy healing are Reiki, chakra clearing, and Access Consciousness. Within these and other modalities can be found a variety of means by which energy work can be performed. Some practitioners might use a pendulum, another might use their hands, while a third might use crystal bowls to create a healing frequency. Still others might use a practice called “muscle testing” to get clear yes or no answers from your individual energy field, and an energy healing practitioner might use any combination thereof.

Most energy work is science based, meaning there is a way to scientifically prove with evidence that an effect has taken place. Numerous modalities exist within the alternative healing community that, while evidence is not able to be disputed, cannot be scientifically verified. Nonetheless, such modalities do work with countless examples and testimonies to back them up. Alternative healing practitioners have been trained in their practices and are trusted by those who have seen, experienced, and lived their effectiveness.

A practitioner is usually certified, rather than licensed or given a diploma like a medical practitioner would receive. That means these practitioners have completed the required training process, and have been able to show that they have absorbed and learned to facilitate results within their specific field. As with anything, a practitioner will improve and expand their skills with time, experience, and practice. Those who are actively and constantly seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise will do so. That being said, it is important to know that each of us as human beings has our own set of gifts. Most practitioners have found themselves drawn to a specific type of healing or modality that fits their specific set of gifts. Even if a person is within their first year of practice, patients and clients will be able to experience great results with these beginning practitioners.

Why will a practitioner be able to see significant results in their patients/clients right away as opposed to having to intern for some number of years in a fashion as conventional western doctors? Simply because the modalities work, and your practitioner is not only trained, but also usually has the ability to “listen” to you. Listening to you and listening to your body actually has little to do with the ears. In reality, listening to you and your body means listening to the body’s attempt to communicate what is wrong and/or what is the underlying ailment or blockage that is causing the ailment? Above and beyond listening to the body, the practitioner also learns to listen to your energy as they work on you. The entire process is dynamic and many times, one ailment leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to numerous unexpected bonus discoveries and breakthroughs for the patient or client. This is why you will often see the beneficiaries of energy healing seam a little overly excited to share their experience with anyone around them whether that person is ready to hear their story or not. Patients/clients are so excited that they just cannot contain themselves.