Trust and Why it’s so important to Clear Choices Healing Center’s Success

I try to read something every day to improve myself or expand my mind and increase the number of points of view that I can see in any situation. This morning, I continued my reading of a book called Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action Read More

The Resident – TV Show

Why on Earth would an organization that is supporting non traditional means of healing mention a TV show, like The Resident, in which the main theme is a traditional western medical facility that promotes its own means? Well, frankly, the Resident is a great show. It has drama. It is Read More

What is a Modality

What is a Modality? When we are not feeling our best, our first thought is usually to call for an appointment with our medical doctor. Conventional Medicine is a term that encompasses the most commonly accepted practice of medicine, including your primary care physician and specialists that you might be Read More