What is a Modality

What is a Modality?

When we are not feeling our best, our first thought is usually to call for an appointment with our medical doctor. Conventional Medicine is a term that encompasses the most commonly accepted practice of medicine, including your primary care physician and specialists that you might be referred to by your primary care physician, and any tests your medical team may deem necessary to run in order to aid your doctor or doctors in determining the cause of your ailments.

Alternative medicine is a term that covers a wide variety of options outside of conventional medicine to help people move towards better health. Alternative medicine tends to depend less on pharmaceuticals and surgeries, and more upon a recognition of the body’s natural ability to heal itself, often with a change in diet or with the removal of a blockage within the energy field of the body. This energy shift can be done in a variety of ways. One of those ways is the adjustments to the alignment of bones such as what is done by a chiropractor. Another way is by clearing energy flow within the meridian system or the chakras. Yet another way is clearing energy in the auric field around the body such as Eden Energy Medicine.

If you’re familiar at all with Alternative Medicine, you’ve probably heard the term, “modality”. What is a modality? What exactly does the term “modality” mean?

The Dictionary defines Modality this way:

“A particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed.”

When we refer to a modality in the alternative healing community, we are referring to one of the different types of practices or offerings within the alternative healing community. For example, if you’re exploring energy healing, you’re going to have an opportunity to get information on a wide variety of ways energy healing can be administered. Some of the “modalities” available within the field of energy healing are Reiki, chakra clearing, and Access Consciousness. Within these and other modalities can be found a variety of means by which energy work can be performed. Some practitioners might use a pendulum, another might use their hands, while a third might use crystal bowls to create a healing frequency. Still others might use a practice called “muscle testing” to get clear yes or no answers from your individual energy field, and an energy healing practitioner might use any combination thereof.

Most energy work is science based, meaning there is a way to scientifically prove with evidence that an effect has taken place. Numerous modalities exist within the alternative healing community that, while evidence is not able to be disputed, cannot be scientifically verified. Nonetheless, such modalities do work with countless examples and testimonies to back them up. Alternative healing practitioners have been trained in their practices and are trusted by those who have seen, experienced, and lived their effectiveness.

A practitioner is usually certified, rather than licensed or given a diploma like a medical practitioner would receive. That means these practitioners have completed the required training process, and have been able to show that they have absorbed and learned to facilitate results within their specific field. As with anything, a practitioner will improve and expand their skills with time, experience, and practice. Those who are actively and constantly seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise will do so. That being said, it is important to know that each of us as human beings has our own set of gifts. Most practitioners have found themselves drawn to a specific type of healing or modality that fits their specific set of gifts. Even if a person is within their first year of practice, patients and clients will be able to experience great results with these beginning practitioners.

Why will a practitioner be able to see significant results in their patients/clients right away as opposed to having to intern for some number of years in a fashion as conventional western doctors? Simply because the modalities work, and your practitioner is not only trained, but also usually has the ability to “listen” to you. Listening to you and listening to your body actually has little to do with the ears. In reality, listening to you and your body means listening to the body’s attempt to communicate what is wrong and/or what is the underlying ailment or blockage that is causing the ailment? Above and beyond listening to the body, the practitioner also learns to listen to your energy as they work on you. The entire process is dynamic and many times, one ailment leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to numerous unexpected bonus discoveries and breakthroughs for the patient or client. This is why you will often see the beneficiaries of energy healing seam a little overly excited to share their experience with anyone around them whether that person is ready to hear their story or not. Patients/clients are so excited that they just cannot contain themselves.


Is it possible that we, as a population, have been going about healthcare all wrong? Is it possible that there are other points of view about taking care of the health of ourselves and our family members that we are currently not seeing?

This charity and site are all about bringing about optimum health for those who are ready to see another point of view. Our main theme is going to be alternative cancer healing, but we are also going to tackle other topics such as diet, exercise, and curing other ailments; viewing from a different point of view; different from the traditional western medicine model of diagnose, treat, and add medicine, which puts profit into the coffers of the big Pharma companies.

Did you know that cancer is a $95.5 billion dollar per year industry? Per the US Dept of Health & Human Services, cancer is the most expensive ailment to treat. Also, per the same organization, the shocking statistic is that almost one half of all people alive right now in the United States are going to experience getting cancer. However, that number 100 years ago was a minuscule 1 in 33 people in the United State contracted cancer – about 3%.

Why the staggering increase? Why the incredible difference? Well, we see this theme in movies all the time. If you want to find the culprit, just follow the money. Per Daisey Luther of The Organic Prepper, the first round of profit goes to the food manufacturers. which continually add things to the foods they sell us to either reduce their costs, or increase their ability to keep us coming back.

Additives, preservatives, sugar, wheat, gluten, sodium, and a number of other chemicals are all added to our foods which has made the US population the most obese that recorded history has ever seen. In fact, I have seen numerous articles stating that sugar actually feeds cancer cells, and makes them grow. Please don’t rely on our alternative cancer healing suggestions, do the research yourself.

The next in line for profit is the pharmaceutical giants. As mentioned above, the cost of chemotherapy, plus medicines involved in cancer treatment generate almost $100 billion per year in revenue. Why would I want that to end if I were on the Board of Directors of one of those companies? What is my incentive for anyone to find alternative cancer healing solutions?

Clear Choices Healing Centers proposes that the obvious steps exist to avoid cancer completely, with diet, exercise, being tobacco free, limiting consumption of alcohol, getting rid of toxic cookware materials, using as little plastic in your homes as possible, as well as using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, and using personal care products that do not contain petrochemicals. (per Daisey Luther)

However, Clear Choices Healing Centers also believes that the technology already exists to cure or “release” the vast majority of current cancers from patients who might have received a dire prognosis. Obviously, alternative cancer healing will be much more successful the early the disease is found, but that does not mean that it is impossible for us to help you and your family to either prevent this disease from striking down members of your family as it has members of our families, but to help those who might have received a dire prognosis as well in their quest to heal from this terrible, but terribly profitable disease. Let’s take away the profit angle from the big companies, and add to the betterment of humanity and your fellow men and women by sharing this info, and/or this site with them.

That’s why we are a non-profit charity that uses an unusually high percentage of its funds directly on our patients and customers. Alternative Cancer Healing; another point of view.