President Sparky Anderson

Sparky Anderson is a Co-Founder and President of Clear Choices Healing Center. Mr. Anderson has an incredibly diverse story. Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mr. Anderson fell in love with sports growing up and played football and baseball in high school as well as in college. He attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York his first year, but left to pursue a professional sports career. Two year later, Mr. Anderson achieved his Associates degree from Grossmont College in San Diego, California where he played both baseball and football, and in 1995, achieved a BA in communications with a specialty in broadcasting from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL.

From there Mr. Anderson went to Tampa, FL with a college teammate with an intention of signing with an agent to attempt to play professional football. Upon arriving in Tampa, Mr. Anderson found out that nothing the agent said he could do was true. His professional football dream broken, Mr. Anderson worked as a food server and eventually became a commercial truck salesperson. After 8 months, Mr. Anderson was fired for poor performance. After searching for someone to blame for over three weeks and contemplating why he had been fired, Mr. Anderson had his first Ah-Ha moment of his life. He had the thought, “Is it possible that it is MY fault that I was fired?!?”

Upon this realization, Mr. Anderson embarked on a lifelong journey of self-improvement, self-reflection, reading, attending seminars, and studying every aspect of life that Mr. Anderson assessed as important to success for himself and others. His initial goal was to become a great salesperson, make lots of money, get married, and retire early. That list included, but is not limited to; communicating effectively with others, influencing others, healthy relationships with a significant other, family, friends, and work associates, leadership, coaching, management, inspiring others, achieving success both financially, as well as in relationships and life. Reading something every day to expand his mind, knowledge, and wisdom, Mr. Anderson soon achieved his first Salesman of the month award, but his consistent sales success didn’t come until three and a half years later. Upon achieving consistent success in auto sales, but not feeling a sense of fulfillment, Mr. Anderson moved industries once again.

Mr. Anderson moved to the financial services industry in May of 2000. Mr. Anderson passed all of his licensing exams and achieved instant success in gathering online accounts as a licensed Financial Advisor at the beginning of the online investment boom for the company formerly known as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. When Mr. Anderson’s mother fell terminally ill, Mr. Anderson left the business to help take care of his mother. Upon re-entering the workforce more than a year later, Mr. Anderson didn’t feel the calling to get back into the financial services field and instead entered the home mortgage industry. It took some time for Mr. Anderson to find the right fit and success. However, once Mr. Anderson found success in this business, he quickly opened his own mortgage and real estate company in Mission Viejo, California in July of 2003. Mr. Anderson’s focus was to help those in foreclosure that banks, nor private equity lenders would help. Mr. Anderson was also a mentor for a 14 year old boy and a 6 year old girl in an organization similar to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America located in Southern California. Mr. Anderson also coached two U-15 youth soccer teams.

The business achieved instant success, and achieved over $300,000 in revenue in its first five months. However, the first couple that Mr. Anderson’s business saved from foreclosure saw an opportunity to take advantage of Mr. Anderson’s generosity. As a result, Mr. Anderson got burned and eventually closed his doors as he did not have the cash to continue. At this point, Mr. Anderson suffered from depression for quite some time. Mr. Anderson got back into baseball, playing and managing on three adult baseball teams across three leagues in southern California. This allowed Mr. Anderson to build a new community and eventually find his newest venture. Mr. Anderson eventually decided to move abroad to teach English in the hopes of finding a new life partner. Mr, Anderson taught for 10 months in South Korea, three weeks in China, and eventually, 5 and a half years in Ukraine.

Living abroad, learning a new language and a new culture, and teaching adults English in Ukraine was invaluable to Mr. Anderson’s overall growth, ability to see others’ points of view, and effectiveness in connecting minds from different backgrounds. In his second month in Ukraine, Mr. Anderson slipped, fell, broke his right fibula, right foot, and dislocated his right ankle. He didn’t have enough cash to pay for a surgeon to put a pin into his foot and leg in an effort to help the bones heal properly, and as a result, his right foot is no longer connected to his right leg at the same angle of the left foot and leg.

Over time, this led to seven herniated discs and three compression fractures throughout Mr. Anderson’s spine. By the time Mr. Anderson returned to the United States in December of 2014, he was debilitated as a result of the pain and was unable to move effectively enough to take care of his own basic needs. By March of 2015, Mr. Anderson was unable to work. Mr. Anderson applied for disability twice and was turned down. After being turned down for disability twice due to misdiagnosis from his doctors, and with help from his older sister, Mr. Anderson survived for the next year. He attempted to get to physical therapy, but was unable to move well enough to get out of the house most days. This began Mr. Anderson’s thinking, “how many more people are out there like me, who cannot move well enough to receive adequate care for their physical conditions or limitations?”

In August of 2017, Mr. Anderson returned to a seminar series he’d attended in the past called Landmark Education, and a woman there introduced him to an energy healer named Dee Corley. One session with Ms. Corley changed Mr. Anderson’s view of the world, and working with Ms. Corley helped improve Mr. Anderson’s mobility significantly. Less than four months later, Clear Choices Healing Center, Inc was born. By mid 2018, Mr. Anderson had become President of CCHC, and it is from this point that we now sit in our current state of working hard to attract others to help us on our mission and to help those who are tired of conventional western medicine telling them that there is no way to do anything tp help their conditions or physical ailments other than take pills, physical therapy, or surgery.

All of the modalities on the CCHC have helped those involved with CCHC, and the goal is to help connect anyone who desires to improve their physical condition or help those who have a deep burning desire to step out of their limitations and to improve their life

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