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The founders of Clear Choices Healing Center have seen the benefits of alternative healing and energy healing first hand. These benefits are not widely known or understood. If these practices were more financially accessible and more clearly understood, far more people could benefit from alternative treatments. For those of you who might not have experienced the benefits of alternative or energy healing in the past, Clear Choices Healing Center is committed to helping you see the benefits that you can receive to your physical, mental, emotional health and more. Clear Choices can be a resource in providing patients with the tools necessary to point them in the direction of optimum health and help patients to learn what to look for or to stay alert for in order to create a better quality of life for themselves.

Our mission at Clear Choices Healing Center, is to provide people access to information on alternative healing methods, and also to help to make access to those healing methods affordable for you and your family. The medical insurance industry provides payment for conventional treatments and pharmaceuticals, but provides almost no payment subsidy for alternative treatments. CCHC is a nonprofit charity that creates financial support for alternative treatments for those people who are open to it but do not have the financial means to pay for holistic healthcare and alternative treatments.

In recognizing that healing also takes place in the areas of energy, emotion, and beliefs, the vision of our center is to offer education, energy healing modalities, chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, nutritional support, meditation, yoga, support groups, and much more for the person or the family that is ready to explore what else is out there. CCHC will have holistic nurses to work with patients as a case manager, reviewing their medical records and working alongside conventional medicine where appropriate. CCHC will be open to anyone who wishes to, and is willing to, take on a new and healing point of view concerning their own health and well-being.

CCHC’s intention is to open community centers across the nation, providing education and educational materials, seminars, and classes with rotating informative topics in holistic health care, making available information on a variety of holistic healing topics for those who might not have explored alternative medicine in the past. Within our centers can be found community and support, knowledge and information on, and availability to, a variety of modalities, science based nutritional supplements, yoga and meditation, as well as visiting speakers who will explain their work and answer questions, and funding for those who need it.

CCHC believes in the benefits of science and almost all of the modalities that CCHC will provide access to have scientific basis in their work and their effectiveness. Some of the science based modalities CCHC will provide resources for are chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic, osteopathic, and functional medicine. All of which are similar to conventional medicine in that they are based on a diagnostic process followed by a recommended treatment plan. Examples of specific energy healing modalities are acupuncture, Eden Energy Medicine, Access Consciousness, Holographic Kinetics, Healing Touch Program and others.

Each of you naturally have the ability to “listen” for your innate guidance toward the modality that best suits you at a given time in your life. Many people do not believe that they have the ability to ‘hear’ their body’s communication, but I assure you, that ability lies within you. All it takes is a little belief in the possibility that there is a ‘correct’ modality for you and your ailments, and a little exploration into what types of alternative healing modalities are available. Once you allow yourself to believe in the possibility that there is truth in these words, all there is to do is to let your inner guidance/intuition help you make the choice that best suits you. The reality is that there could very well be multiple modalities that would work for you in some combination. Your willingness to look, try, search, and believe in the possibility that there is an answer to your ailments is all that is needed.

At Clear Choices Healing Center, we believe that access to holistic healing options are often limited to people with unlimited resources. Our primary goal is to provide access to other types of healing outside of conventional western medicine for everyone who wants it. Another of Clear Choices Healing Center’s goals is to re-educate people to all of the choices that are available to them outside of the conventional medical thought process. Clear Choices Healing Center provides financial assistance for alternative healing based upon a patient’s financial needs and lastly, Clear Choices Healing Center is committed to changing the mindset of people from one of survival to one of joy and healing. We’re so glad you’re here!

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