Mom, Why Do You Look So Much Younger?

Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve been a loyalist to Shaklee health products for over twenty years. The benefits to my health have been far more than just a gift to me. I talk about that in other articles on this website, so I won’t go into that much in this article. Financial challenges haven’t always allowed me to use the products as faithfully as I’ve wanted to, but as I was able I did. One of the amazing lines of products that Shaklee introduced in 1999 was an anti-aging skin care line. It had seven patents pending on it when it came out, and later had eight patents. This line of skin care revolutionized the skin care industry, by infusing vitamins C & E into the cells of the skin. That simple detail made a big difference in the suppleness and hydration of my skin.

My children knew I used this line of products, and they also knew that I had my financial challenges and for quite a long time wasn’t able to get these products and use them as faithfully as I had wanted to. So when my I returned from spending the majority of 2018 in New Hampshire and having had little time with my family during that year, one of my daughters noticed a distinct difference in the appearance of my age. My skin looked younger, less wrinkling, much less sagging, softer. She felt compelled to ask me, “Mom, why do you look so much younger, what have you been doing?”

I knew I hadn’t had any beauty treatments, and I hadn’t had an income that allowed me to return to my favorite anti-aging skin care line either. The one particular thing I had done differently was to learn an energy clearing modality that works at the spirit level to remove traumas and negative thought patterns from my energy field, or auric field. The result always left me feeling lighter, brighter. Feeling “free-er”. Even though I knew physical healing occurs from the work done in the healing sessions, it didn’t occur to me at the time that my physical appearance would look noticeably different, more youthful even.

I spent seven days in that initial course, bringing actual personal issues of my own and from my past, to the “treatment table”. This is the table where the client lies down for a healing session. Then, after the course, I spent many hours clearing energy for others which also clears energy somewhat for the practitioner. I have been involved in practice sessions with other practitioners as well, so the work for me is an ongoing process. I don’t believe we are ever really ‘done’. As a result, the clearing process continues for me as long as I keep doing my work. That is the only real difference for me during that year I was away from my daughter.

I love that it really made a difference! The course I took is called Holographic Kinetics, an Aboriginal belief and quantum science based, energy healing modality. This energy healing modality works at the spirit/energy level to clear away traumas we’ve experienced that are unknowingly affecting us and/or affecting our health and well-being in this lifetime. Even our disempowering beliefs and decisions that we’ve made get locked into dimensions of their own in our energy field. This creates blocks to having a healthy body, blocks to having a healthy, joyous relationships. Many modalities clear blocks only at the cellular or the soul level. Holographic Kinetics is different because it can clear these blocks away at the spirit/energy level. If the Spirit isn’t involved in the process, the very core issue that’s holding it there may still be present, creating an opportunity for the issue to return even after a person has had work done on themself via another modality.

Through the process of clearing away emotional traumas and negative thought patterns that are trapped within our energy field or aura, the physical body responds positively. The body is able to heal itself. So it makes sense that the body’s aging process is altered also.

Clear Choices Healing Center will have Holographic Kinetics certified practitioners in our community healing centers across America. These practitioners will be approved by Steve Richards, who has spent his life studying, practicing, researching and designing the Holographic Kinetics modality and energy healing course. Steve is very careful with training his students, as this modality works at the quantum level of science. While CCHC refers clients to a nationwide pool of available practitioners, we want those working within our community centers hand picked by Steve, for the best benefit for all.

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