In Constant Pain? There may be hope

About fifteen months ago, I met a woman who told me about pure food supplements and two companies called Shaklee and Purium. I heard nothing. I don’t mean that I didn’t hear what she said or that I didn’t hear the words come out of her mouth. I mean, her words had no meaning nor any significance to me. Hence, it didn’t even cross my mind to pay attention to her words or give her enough credibility or give her words the credence necessary to pay attention or think about the possible benefits to me of what she was sharing. I was in incredible pain every day. I had incredible difficulty moving, changing clothes, putting on or taking off my shirt, socks, shoes, bending, lifting, and difficulty moving in general. Getting to the grocery store, or going to work was nearly impossible despite working only a 4 minute walk from my residence. I was taking 4 opiod pain pills per day. What is this woman talking to me about pure food supplements for? And, how does she think vitamins can help my pain or inability to move? I think this woman might be a little off of her rocker.

You see, people have told me before that this or that can or could help me in some way physically, and I am 47 years old and tried many different things. So, I can say that I have become naturally skeptical. I am ESPECIALLY skeptical when it comes to pills. In my mind, I’ve concluded that good things in life, or changes in life come from diligent, consistent work, not from a pill. In my mind concerted effort and study, and applying what I have learned is the only way to improve myself or my life. I believed that getting to a gym, having a personal trainer, and altering my diet were all things that could help me. All of these take money and consistent diligence and work. What is this woman telling me about a pill for?

Also, I’ve mentioned other places in this website about my broken leg and foot which did not heal properly and caused massive spinal problems, seven herniated discs, compression fractures in my spine, compressed nerves, numbness, which has made simple movements almost impossible for me. Also, I’ve shared in other places in this website about not having any cartilage in either of my shoulders. Having torn labrum and torn rotator cuff, bones spurs, and nerve impingements in both shoulders. So, telling me that there is a pill that could help my joints made me quite skeptical,,,, especially since glucosamine chondroitin had been a total waste of time, effort, energy, money, and false hope in my past.

The woman who brought these products and claims to my attention had said that Shaklee has saved her life on 3 occasions throughout her life, and she believed if there were one company that could produce vitamins and supplements which could help me, the man in constant, debilitating pain, and who had difficulty doing the most basic of tasks in daily life; she believes that Shaklee is that company.

After about 6 months, I decided to give Shaklee’s Joint Health ComplexⓇ a chance. Despite having very little money, I spent that money on Shaklee’s Joint Health ComplexⓇ. By this time, the woman who had brought me the original claim that Shaklee’sⓇ had earned quite a bit of admiration and credibility in my mind. So, I gave it a shot. I took my friend’s recommended dosage, and that took me through one bottle in ten days. I saw no benefit. This experience did nothing for my confidence in the product. I had done quite a bit of research up to this point, and realized the difference that pure food vitamins and supplements can make on the body over the vitamins and supplements that I could get at the local drug store. But, still, I had given this woman’s recommendation a shot, and nothing.

I must admit, I realized that ten days of taking this Joint Health ComplexⓇ probably wasn’t enough time to see any results, especially in shoulders as badly gone as my shoulders are. However, I also realized that buying three of these bottle per month was way outside my current financial means, so what do I do? I’ve already said that I believe positive change comes from being consistent and diligent, and I wasn’t being either of those here in this situation when it came to my health. I knew it was possible that there was truth in her words, but I guess either I or Universe wasn’t ready for me to see any actual result.

Fast forward another 7 months, and I can tell you that this woman’s credibility has continued to grow in my eyes. I had learned more about her story, and more about the adversity that she had overcome, and more about the details by which Shaklee had actually saved her life. Eventually, I decided that I was going to give this Shaklee thing, this pure food vitamin and supplement thing, a right go as the British would say.

So, at her recommendation, I bought Soy Protein made from a purely natural process, which is completely different than the vast majority of the soy available to the public and I use that and Shaklee’s Organic Greens BoosterⓇ (which is one cup of raw, nutrient rich vegetables in every scoop) in a daily fruit and spinach smoothie.

I also now use Shaklee’s Pain Relief ComplexⓇ daily. I take Shaklee’s PM Recovery Complex to recover quicker from my daily movements/exercise. I take CarotoMaxⓇ for lutein, lycopene, carotenoid, and other antioxidants. I take Vita-D3Ⓡ for heart and immune system health. I take Vita-LeaⓇ for men, for energy, immune system boost, metabolism, muscle recovery, and vitality. Lastly, I take Shaklee’s OmegaGuardⓇ for fish oil that is pharmaceutical grade in its potency.

I committed to taking these diligently until I could make an accurate assessment and then feel confident in sharing that with others. It’s been three and a half weeks, and while not every day has been spectacular, having my up days and down days, in general, all of the claims that were made to me have come true. I have less pain. I can move easier. I have more energy. When I sleep, I sleep better. My quality of life has improved.

As someone who definitely has experienced thoughts of not wanting to live any more due to the level of consistent pain and debilitation I was experiencing on a daily basis, I do not make recommendations like this lightly. While I am not yet running outside, or training crossfit or for marathons, the difference is significant enough that I would like everyone who experiences consistent pain and debilitation to experience the increase in mobility, energy, and vitality that I feel.

You may have noticed that I did not list the Joint Health ComplexⓇ among the supplements I have committed to taking. As I’ve stated above. I believe in committing to something, and then observing the results over time, without any judgement or preconceived notions before I change my mind on something. I am committed to taking it, but not until one of two things happens. Either I start generating a little more money personally so I know I can take it for six months before making any judgments about its efficacy, or the moment that Clear Choices Healing Center can have me as a patient/client and help me with the payment of the Joint Health ComplexⓇ.

I am now down to about two to three pain pills per week. I have the energy to write this article. Obviously, my daily mood is better because it is not so difficult for me to move and do the things that have been so difficult for me to do over the past 6+ years. I hope that this testimonial gives you hope that good things are possible for you too.

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