Energy Healer??? What???

Last night, I was at my job as a cashier at CVS and something happened to me that I’d like to share with you. I was in a good mood despite numerous things and events occurring in my life or on the periphery of my life that could be construed as crap. Believe it or not, I had a desire to dance. So, if you have ever seen teenagers and early twenty somethings jumping up and down in front of the stage at a music concert, that was me…….. For just a second……..

There were no customers around. I knew I had a 90 second break between customers, and my supervisor was in the seasonal aisle changing things over from Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff. I thought it would be cool to dance and to jump up and down and move into the aisle and break her mundane thought pattern with a pattern of joy. But, on that second jump, I felt my right calf pop. Yes, that’s right. For those of you that have ever torn a hamstring or calf, that is exactly what happened.

For me, having been a former high level athlete, and having torn my hamstring and calf before, I will give you a background of relatedness to understand. The least damaging type of ‘pop’ for a hamstring or calf will leave the athlete out only for a few days while he/she recovers. The second type of “pop” will leave the athlete out for about three weeks while he/she is in recovery. The third, and most damaging type of tear of the calf or hamstring will leave the athlete out for around three months and will possibly need surgery to be repaired. This was not that kind of “pop”. It was the second kind of pop. Yes, the fact that I can just rattle this off like that tells you just how many times I’ve hurt myself in my life, how many times I’ve been to doctors for similar type injuries, how in tune with my own body that I am, and how much I’ve read and researched on medical topics related to all of my injuries and ailments.

Last night, I was hobbling big time. I could barely move my body at all due to the level of pain in my calf. I could put no weight on my left leg at all, and I was certain that my life would be like this for the next three weeks or so. My first thought was not to go to the doctor. Also, in the past, I would have just kept quiet about it, and despite others noticing the limp, I would not have talked about my pain and just ‘toughed it out’ for three weeks while the calf healed.

My first thought was to contact my very good friend who happens to be an energy healer and let her know that I had popped my calf. We talked about the root cause of this sudden injury. For those of you that are open to it, you can do some research on Louise Hay. Louise Hay was an amazing lady who believed that when the body demonstrates a physical ailment, the body is attempting to communicate something to you. Her work, You Can Heal Your Body, You Can Heal Your Life helped millions of people over the last 40 years. Also, the publishing company she created in which she only published books for the betterment of mankind is a wonderful place to find something that could help you achieve whatever it is that you desire for yourself and your life.

Let’s get back to our story…. Since I was at work, and since I knew that there was no one to come in and relieve me so I could go home and rest and ice my calf, I sent my friend and energy healer Dee a message letting her know that I had popped my calf. She immediately went to work connecting to my energy, and sending healing energy into the area of the injury. She sent me a return text message telling me that she had done this and that I should be able to feel a difference shortly. Within fifteen to twenty minutes, I did feel about a 20 to 25% decrease in tightness and pain. For those of you that are all about science, science related, and only science, and are disbelievers that this is even possible, that is ok. We here at Clear Choices Healing Center want to give everyone the opportunity to believe if they are open, and give people the opportunity to refuse belief if they are not ready to open their minds and give up what they believe to be true and real and possible. I assure you. Twenty years ago, I didn’t believe any of this was possible either.

Weren’t all of the great discoveries and breakthroughs in science and in world history a result of one person having the courage to believe that the impossible was possible?

Anyway……. I made it through the four and a half hours of work. I did not ice my calf when I got home like my healer friend had implored me to do. That is a discussion for another day. I went to bed, and woke up this morning with about 60 to 70% of the pain and tightness gone from my calf. Since I’ve been through these types of injuries, as well as this type of healing numerous times, I believe that I will have discomfort for a few days, and my calf will be as good as new in only a few days time.

I understand the difficulty for many of you to believe this event occurred in the way or manner that I described. I understand that there will be those that feel that I, not being a medical professional, cannot accurately diagnose my injury, and most likely did not accurately assess the level of tear. I know that there will be those who believe that I am just making stuff up. I know that there will be those who even leave our website and/or charity upon reading this due to the level of disbelief that they have……… and, that is ok.

For those of you that are ready, and whose minds are open to the possibility that there is truth in my words, we can now move on to the next step, which is to figure out why this type of niggling injury has been happening to me and my body for my entire life, and to set out on a course to stop them from happening to me and my body in the future.

Energy healers are real. They may not all have positive, selfless intentions, but when you find one that does, I recommend you hold on to him or her for dear life.

[Caveat] The healer I deal with opened my mind and my eyes to the fact that my belief that I’d need a week or so to heal was actually blocking my calf from healing quickly. Her words were certainly a brick upside my head. I now had to look at the possibility that my beliefs might be stopping my calf from healing. As a result, I sat with her words the rest of the day, and lo and behold, the next day, when I woke up, my calf was over 90% healed. By the third morning, I’d say the calf was 98 or 99% healed, and by the fourth day, I couldn’t feel any more pain or tightness in the calf. I know there are still skeptics out there and that is fine. For those that are open, I invite you to look at what beliefs you have that may be limiting you.

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