Dee Corley


Dee Corley is Vice President and co-founder of Clear Choices Healing Center. Ms. Corley has a background in administrative work, customer service, and project management. Ms. Corley later recognized her gift as a life coach. She trained and became certified as a life coach. Some years before, Ms. Corley discovered her own innate ability to work with energy. She later turned her attention to learning to assist others in clearing energetic blocks that were preventing her clients from living the healthy lives that they desired. Learning that the body is an energy system, similar to the view of ancient Chinese acupuncture practitioners, Ms. Corley started on a multi-decade journey of searching for all potential information and knowledge she could find in the field of energy work and how to affect people’s physical body positively and affect people’s energy positively in order to help them. Rather than finding a specific fit for herself, Ms. Corley began discovering one new modality, teacher, and technique after another. During this process, Ms. Corley became frustrated that as she discovered and was inspired by a new technique, she realized that there were many valuable skills and information inside of each of these new techniques and modalities.


Ms. Corley experienced many years of ailing health, and frustration with doctors who could not help her resolve her ongoing health issues. It eventually became apparent that some doctors would not help her, because health insurance was not available to her at that time, and for doctors to search out and address her health issues could become quite costly.

Ms. Corley then found help to regain her health with alternative means, although she experienced a recurring battle with certain health issues. Ms. Corley sees the value of her experiences and physical ailments as rewarding. She has gained valuable knowledge and experience that now helps to inspire her, to guide her, and to know that she can in turn inspire others to learn that there is help for them and their physical ailments outside of the limits of conventional medical practices.

Near the end of the initial planning year of CCHC’s beginning, a debilitating illness brought great clarity to Ms. Corley regarding the value CCHC can have for many people. As she lie in bed, weakened by three almost back to back to back, physically traumatic ambulance trips to the emergency room, she allowed herself to feel her emotions of helplessness and powerlessness. Her symptoms came suddenly and randomly, and they caused her body to go into shock each time they arrived.

Between ambulance trips, Ms Corley had researched her symptoms and the results in the emergency room. Meniere’s Syndrome described most of her experience, yet left out the auric visuals that took place for Ms. Corley at the same time. Treatment listed by emergency room physicians was either medication or possibly surgery, and neither option appeared to be a hopeful solution.

What did appear as a strong possible solution was CranioSacral Therapy. CranioSacral Therapy is similar to a chiropractic adjustment, yet administered with a very soft touch to affect vertebrae within the base of the skull. Not only can this alternative form of treatment relieve the causes of Meniere’s Syndrome, but also migraines, which turned out to be the true diagnosis Ms. Corley was suffering from.

Ms. Corley views every experience as purposeful, part of a bigger lesson or communication. Ms. Corley see what she had learned about Meniere’s Syndrome as extremely valuable. What she learned for herself, through these difficult experiences, gave her insight into more than just what can help resolve migraines that have been a health issue for her for forty years. Ms. Corley gained an intense clarity that Clear Choices Healing Center is here to help many people get real health solutions for many of the physical issues that limit the the quality of their live. In Ms. Corley’s view, for that reason alone, one very difficult month was completely worth all of the pain, discomfort, fear, and confusion. Ms. Corley is determined to move, touch, and inspire as many people as possible to have hope and to help those people find a direction and relief from their physical issues. For those people with countless physical ailments, she is determined to help them find better health and a better quality of life.