Courage to Be Honest With Yourself

Many of you may have realized by now that I, the writer of the majority of these posts, have my own physical issues, and over time, it appears that I am having to use each of the modalities mentioned on the CCHC site in order to be able to vouch for their viability and levels of truth contained in their claims.

I understand those who are skeptical. In fact, we here at CCHC encourage all of you to have your doubts and suspicions. However, we also expect that each of you have the ability to look deep inside yourself and for each of you to have the Courage to be honest with yourself. Having the courage to be honest with yourself is not easy, especially when life has dealt you one difficult blow after the other. To recap a little of my story, I have 7 herniated discs and three vertebrae fractures that make it difficult for me to move and to work a job commensurate with my skill set. Obviously, money has been an issue, and being able to take care of myself has not been easy with considerable pain and difficulty in moving to accomplish basic things like putting on shoes, getting to the grocery store, and forget the possibility of dating. Surely, no lady/woman would want to date someone like myself with ailments, pain, and someone who has put on considerable weight as a result of his condition.

The purpose of today’s post is to share my experience and use of Access Consciousness in connection with my ailments and condition. An explanation of Access Consciousness and its benefits exists in other places on the CCHC site, and we also encourage you to go to the Access Consciousness site and research for yourself. To summarize, Access Consciousness is raising one’s awareness through knowledge, wisdom, and opening one’s mind to follow some simple instructions which will break through one’s own limitations or limiting beliefs or to help a person find what may be holding him/her back, and being able to break through these limitations so as to create a life you love for yourself or create a greater version of yourself.

Two of CCHC’s Board Members have been working the Access Consciousness program for the past couple of weeks, and I’d like to share with you the results I’ve seen. Included below, you will see links to a couple of different Access Consciousness videos for those of you that are interested in how this works. The first one is with one of the Founders of Access Consciousness Dr. Dain Heer. In an effort to help a person Detox from this Reality, Dr. Heer goes through the process of what to look for and what to say.

In the second video, Dr. Heer goes through the actual meaning or background of what is said for those of you that have that engineering mind and feel the need to understand the “how” of how things actually work.

The third video is with another leader in Access Consciousness, Ms. Simone Milasas. Simone talks about something that I found extremely useful and powerful, and that is, “what did you give up choosing?”

Around the 18th minute, She gives instructions for exactly what she means by that. Incredibly powerful work to say the least. To help you though, I will share with you some of my own experience with this exercise, what I discovered I’d given up choosing, and how the exercise itself has helped me in my world and in my life.

The firs thing I had to do though was to sit silently by myself and with myself. I had to look deep inside myself, and to display the courage it takes to be honest with myself. What had I given up choosing? I’d given up choosing that I could attract a lady that I’d like to date into my life due to my physical ailments and limitations. How does that look? That’s a simple record playing in my head or in my mind that sounds something like this…..

“No girl that I’d be attracted to will date me until I lose weight.” or “No girl I’d be attracted to will date me until I have some assets such as real estate.” or “No girl will date me until I am healthy and can move better.”

Do you see what I am doing here? I am getting honest with myself about the records playing in my own head which are limiting me to a life of loneliness. In fact, these are, as Simone puts it in her video, the things I’ve given up choosing. Instead of choosing to powerfully state and create a life in which I can and do attract a partner I love and who loves me and who loves being with me no matter the circumstances, I have given up the ability to choose a relationship I love and instead replaced that ability with a limiting belief.

So, I sat silently with myself, and did what Simone suggested, and wrote down five different places in my life where I realized that I had chosen some other belief over being free to choose and create a life I love for myself. With each subsequent day, and each subsequent session of having the courage to be honest with myself, I found a couple of more of these beliefs. Now, I have 19 of these limiting beliefs and I perform the exact Access Consciousness suggested exercises via the first video from Dr Dain Heer, and day by day, I can feel these beliefs lessening their hold on me. I’d liken it to scratching a record which I’d been playing in my head for years and which has been preventing me from loving my life.

More importantly, I see myself attracting potential dating partners into my life. I see myself able to work longer hours with less pain. I see myself attracting others into the CCHC charity, and I see the power and effectiveness of this work in my day to day life. I hope you can see openings for yourself in your life to have a life that you love through this work.

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