What is Healing Touch Program

My first introduction to the Healing Touch Program was at a monthly gathering of like-minded energy healers and psychic readers. As I lie on the treatment table, surrendering to the manner in which the practitioner moved energy around and throughout my body, I began to experience a level of relaxation Read More

What is Eden Energy Medicine

As a young adult, I learned that the palms of my hands heat up with energy. Since first discovering that I was able to send energy out of the palms of my hands and into myself or others, I just naturally thought that everybody had this ability. I wanted to Read More

What is a Modality

What is a Modality? When we are not feeling our best, our first thought is usually to call for an appointment with our medical doctor. Conventional Medicine is a term that encompasses the most commonly accepted practice of medicine, including your primary care physician and specialists that you might be Read More

What is Functional Medicine

  What is Functional Medicine, and what makes it different from conventional medicine? Here’s a paraphrase of the description found on the Institute for Functional Medicine website: The Functional Medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that is designed to empower patients and practitioners to work together in addressing Read More