Courage to Be Honest With Yourself

Many of you may have realized by now that I, the writer of the majority of these posts, have my own physical issues, and over time, it appears that I am having to use each of the modalities mentioned on the CCHC site in order to be able to vouch for their viability and levels of truth contained in their claims.

I understand those who are skeptical. In fact, we here at CCHC encourage all of you to have your doubts and suspicions. However, we also expect that each of you have the ability to look deep inside yourself and for each of you to have the Courage to be honest with yourself. Having the courage to be honest with yourself is not easy, especially when life has dealt you one difficult blow after the other. To recap a little of my story, I have 7 herniated discs and three vertebrae fractures that make it difficult for me to move and to work a job commensurate with my skill set. Obviously, money has been an issue, and being able to take care of myself has not been easy with considerable pain and difficulty in moving to accomplish basic things like putting on shoes, getting to the grocery store, and forget the possibility of dating. Surely, no lady/woman would want to date someone like myself with ailments, pain, and someone who has put on considerable weight as a result of his condition.

The purpose of today’s post is to share my experience and use of Access Consciousness in connection with my ailments and condition. An explanation of Access Consciousness and its benefits exists in other places on the CCHC site, and we also encourage you to go to the Access Consciousness site and research for yourself. To summarize, Access Consciousness is raising one’s awareness through knowledge, wisdom, and opening one’s mind to follow some simple instructions which will break through one’s own limitations or limiting beliefs or to help a person find what may be holding him/her back, and being able to break through these limitations so as to create a life you love for yourself or create a greater version of yourself.

Two of CCHC’s Board Members have been working the Access Consciousness program for the past couple of weeks, and I’d like to share with you the results I’ve seen. Included below, you will see links to a couple of different Access Consciousness videos for those of you that are interested in how this works. The first one is with one of the Founders of Access Consciousness Dr. Dain Heer. In an effort to help a person Detox from this Reality, Dr. Heer goes through the process of what to look for and what to say.

In the second video, Dr. Heer goes through the actual meaning or background of what is said for those of you that have that engineering mind and feel the need to understand the “how” of how things actually work.

The third video is with another leader in Access Consciousness, Ms. Simone Milasas. Simone talks about something that I found extremely useful and powerful, and that is, “what did you give up choosing?”

Around the 18th minute, She gives instructions for exactly what she means by that. Incredibly powerful work to say the least. To help you though, I will share with you some of my own experience with this exercise, what I discovered I’d given up choosing, and how the exercise itself has helped me in my world and in my life.

The firs thing I had to do though was to sit silently by myself and with myself. I had to look deep inside myself, and to display the courage it takes to be honest with myself. What had I given up choosing? I’d given up choosing that I could attract a lady that I’d like to date into my life due to my physical ailments and limitations. How does that look? That’s a simple record playing in my head or in my mind that sounds something like this…..

“No girl that I’d be attracted to will date me until I lose weight.” or “No girl I’d be attracted to will date me until I have some assets such as real estate.” or “No girl will date me until I am healthy and can move better.”

Do you see what I am doing here? I am getting honest with myself about the records playing in my own head which are limiting me to a life of loneliness. In fact, these are, as Simone puts it in her video, the things I’ve given up choosing. Instead of choosing to powerful state and create a life in which I can and do attract a partner I love and who loves me and who loves being with me no matter the circumstances, I have given up the ability to choose a relationship I love and instead replaced that ability with a limiting belief.

So, I sat silently with myself, and did what Simone suggested, and wrote down five different places in my life where I realized that I had chosen some other belief over being free to choose and create a life I love for myself. With each subsequent day, and each subsequent session of having the courage to be honest with myself, I found a couple of more of these beliefs. Now, I have 19 of these limiting beliefs and I perform the exact Access Consciousness suggested exercises via the first video from Dr Dain Heer, and day by day, I can feel these beliefs lessening their hold on me. I’d liken it to scratching a record which I’d been playing in my head for years and which has been preventing me from loving my life.

More importantly, I see myself attracting potential dating partners into my life. I see myself able to work longer hours with less pain. I see myself attracting others into the CCHC charity, and I see the power and effectiveness of this work in my day to day life. I hope you can see openings for yourself in your life to have a life that you love through this work.

What is Healing Touch Program

My first introduction to the Healing Touch Program was at a monthly gathering of like-minded energy healers and psychic readers. As I lie on the treatment table, surrendering to the manner in which the practitioner moved energy around and throughout my body, I began to experience a level of relaxation that was almost foreign to me. I found myself falling asleep at one point, in a room with strangers. Who does that?

The practitioner had a light blanket covering me, and I thought it odd, until, while she stood at my feet at one point during the treatment, I suddenly began to weep, and chills traveled throughout my body. She commented then that she had been guided to stay at my feet for a bit and now she could see why. She was picking up in her thoughts, on a very painful relationship/breakup of mine that I hadn’t been able to fully let go of yet. The work she was doing allowed my body to release the energy of the trauma that I had been holding onto for years. Before this moment, I had had no idea that I had been holding onto this pain. I thought I had put that relationship into my past and moved on.  Healing Touch Program is an energy healing modality. Trained practitioners use their intentions, their hearts, and their hands to move and to clear energy within the body’s biofield, or the magnetic field around the body of their clients. This is a holistic approach to healing, able to affect the physical, emotional, mental as well as the spiritual well-being of the person receiving a treatment. It is a most gentle approach to wellness, leaving the client fully relaxed, and in a peaceful state of mind and body at the completion of the session.

Even a client in the most fragile of health conditions could feel safe with this type of healing modality. Healing Touch Program is peer-reviewed and is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association. ABC did a special documenting the effectiveness of Healing Touch Program. Healing Touch Program has been scientifically documented to increase speed of recovery for recent surgery patients. Finally, there have even been insurance companies willing to pay for treatments for recent surgery patients due to the proven scientific benefits. Healing Touch Program practitioners work side by side with nurses within hospital settings to assist patients.

Healing Touch Program was founded by Janet Mentgen in 1989, and became a certificate program in 1990 as a continuing education course for nurses, sponsored by the American Holistic Nurses Association. Janet created this modality out of the combination of her skill as a nurse and her intuitive healing abilities. In 1993 her daughter, Lisa Mentgen-Gordon, began to work with her mother in the Healing Touch Program, and now is the CEO, continuing her mother’s healing legacy.

The Healing Touch Program also has a program designed specifically to help pets. If you’re looking for a holistic approach to better health for your pets, or you would like to learn for yourself how to help your pets, Healing Touch for Animals might interest you.


Clear Choices Healing Center is proud to offer space for Healing Touch Program practitioners to provide treatments for clients in our healing centers, as well as referrals to practitioners in or around your area.


What is Acupressure

There are times when you might wish there were something you could do on your own to aid or relieve your own physical discomforts, pain, or symptoms, such as being able to relieve stress, anxiety, or dissipate the pain of a headache. As it has become common knowledge that ibuprofen eats away the lining of the stomach over time, it might be prudent to look to avoid taking medication at every opportunity.  That’s why Acupressure is a good modality to be aware of. Acupressure is an artform developed over 5,000 years ago in Asia and has been widely used in Chinese medicine ever since. The Chinese use precise finger placement with gentle pressure over designated points along appropriate areas of the body. With a little practice and a well written book on the subject for guidance, you can learn some acupressure techniques to aid yourself to relax, improve sleep, release tension, improve blood flow which promotes healing, and even dissipate pain as well as with many other simple health issues.

The purpose of acupressure is to activate the flow of energy, or to stimulate the movement of energy in the proper direction within the meridians, or energy channels throughout the body. Activating these energy channels can enhance what Chinese medicine practitioners call “Qi”, and we in America call “Chi”, or “life-energy”, something conventional doctors do not treat. There is enough scientific proof now available to show that the physical body is an energy system. However, your conventional western medical doctor is trained to tell you that there is no such thing as a meridian system. Let me help you understand more about the meridian system.

Each meridian creates a layer of energy in the auric field around the body, and connects to specific organs and/or areas within the body. The meridians feed vital energy to their related organs which then promotes healthy organ function throughout the body. There are numerous ways to work with the meridians to improve health. Acupressure is only one of these techniques. When a meridian is blocked, the organ related to that specific meridian suffers and this then creates pain, discomfort, or a physical ailment at or near that specific organ. Each meridian has at least one specific point, referred to as an alarm point. Those alarm points are found mostly along the center of the body. When pressed, the person will experience pain from the applied pressure if the organ and/or the meridian needs attention. Once this imbalance to a meridian is noted, twisting or pulling on the alarm point can clear the imbalance of energy. (This doesn’t mean that the ailment or issue with the organ is healed or cured.) I do wonder why conventional medicine ignores the importance of the body’s meridian system. We will just have to continue to wonder, I suppose. But let’s move on with our subject.

Once the alarm point has been tested and found to have an imbalance in its related energy flow, you can positively affect the flow of energy through a meridian by applying light, firm pressure for two or three minutes over its related pressure points. My experience in doing so has been to occasionally notice a bit of a chill as energies are moved throughout my body, via the meridian. I might even experience a bit of light-headedness as the energies shift. In some cases, pain will even begin to subside during the time the pressure points are being pressed. I’ve observed over many such treatments that the pain continues to decrease for hours after an acupressure treatment has been completed.

The kidney meridian runs from the bottom of the feet all the way up the front of the body to the top of the sternum. The pressure point I am about to reference, connected to the kidney meridian, can be found at the bottom of the feet. This is one of my favorite acupressure points. I used this point for my elderly mother in her darkest hours, and used acupressure to bring her through a seizure and even help her recover her mental faculties after a stroke. I started using this point for her immediately after the crisis of the stroke occurred while the paramedics were working on her, I held pressure on the acupressure points on the bottom of her feet right until until the moment she was put into the ambulance, and then I continued her acupressure treatment the moment I could get to her at the hospital. I continued to apply pressure to this point during her hospital stay and throughout her recovery as well for about 15-30 minutes at a time, numerous times, throughout the day. Doctors discovered a brain bleed after her stroke, and she had other complications that kept her in the hospital for three weeks following the stroke. However, she recovered her complete mental capacity and faculties as well as not experiencing any long term physical debilitation from her stroke.

Attending nurses were amazed by her not losing any of her faculties or physical abilities. I don’t believe that was a miracle. I believe she recovered due to the use of acupressure on her from the moment we found her after her stroke and throughout her recovery.  Although there are acupressure points you will want to try on yourself, choosing an alternative medicine practitioner who uses acupressure in their daily practice can be highly beneficial in your quest to recover from any physical ailments you may currently have, as well as in maintaining long term positive health for you and those you care about.



Is it possible that we, as a population, have been going about healthcare all wrong? Is it possible that there are other points of view about taking care of the health of ourselves and our family members that we are currently not seeing?

This charity and site are all about bringing about optimum health for those who are ready to see another point of view. Our main theme is going to be alternative cancer healing, but we are also going to tackle other topics such as diet, exercise, and curing other ailments; viewing from a different point of view; different from the traditional western medicine model of diagnose, treat, and add medicine, which puts profit into the coffers of the big Pharma companies.

Did you know that cancer is a $95.5 billion dollar per year industry? Per the US Dept of Health & Human Services, cancer is the most expensive ailment to treat. Also, per the same organization, the shocking statistic is that almost one half of all people alive right now in the United States are going to experience getting cancer. However, that number 100 years ago was a minuscule 1 in 33 people in the United State contracted cancer – about 3%.

Why the staggering increase? Why the incredible difference? Well, we see this theme in movies all the time. If you want to find the culprit, just follow the money. Per Daisey Luther of The Organic Prepper, the first round of profit goes to the food manufacturers. which continually add things to the foods they sell us to either reduce their costs, or increase their ability to keep us coming back.

Additives, preservatives, sugar, wheat, gluten, sodium, and a number of other chemicals are all added to our foods which has made the US population the most obese that recorded history has ever seen. In fact, I have seen numerous articles stating that sugar actually feeds cancer cells, and makes them grow. Please don’t rely on our alternative cancer healing suggestions, do the research yourself.

The next in line for profit is the pharmaceutical giants. As mentioned above, the cost of chemotherapy, plus medicines involved in cancer treatment generate almost $100 billion per year in revenue. Why would I want that to end if I were on the Board of Directors of one of those companies? What is my incentive for anyone to find alternative cancer healing solutions?

Clear Choices Healing Centers proposes that the obvious steps exist to avoid cancer completely, with diet, exercise, being tobacco free, limiting consumption of alcohol, getting rid of toxic cookware materials, using as little plastic in your homes as possible, as well as using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, and using personal care products that do not contain petrochemicals. (per Daisey Luther)

However, Clear Choices Healing Centers also believes that the technology already exists to cure or “release” the vast majority of current cancers from patients who might have received a dire prognosis. Obviously, alternative cancer healing will be much more successful the early the disease is found, but that does not mean that it is impossible for us to help you and your family to either prevent this disease from striking down members of your family as it has members of our families, but to help those who might have received a dire prognosis as well in their quest to heal from this terrible, but terribly profitable disease. Let’s take away the profit angle from the big companies, and add to the betterment of humanity and your fellow men and women by sharing this info, and/or this site with them.

That’s why we are a non-profit charity that uses an unusually high percentage of its funds directly on our patients and customers. Alternative Cancer Healing; another point of view.


We, at Clear Choices Healing Centers, believe that healing the body from the inside out is an instrumental part of the healing process and cannot be ignored if a person really wants to get healthy.

Therefore, restoring optimum health to the digestive tract ranks at or near the top of our priority list. Perhaps you’ve recently heard about Glyphosate in the news. Glyphosate is a highly toxic carcinogenic chemical that has come into contact with many of the most common foods that we regularly give to our families. Of course it can be scary to think that the vast majority of foods you might be placing in front of your family on a nightly basis have exposed those you love to glyphosate and the harsh physical ailments it has been proven to cause. What can be worse is to think that there is nothing that can be done to rid the body of this unforgiving toxin.

Click here for more information, or to purchase your Purium products

This chemical has been found to collect in the digestive system and upset the balance of our natural digestive bacteria. It is important that we get the word out that ALL people need to flush glyphosate from their body as soon as possible. There is a sense of urgency to clean this carcinogen from our system and the system of the ones we love because there are more than 8000 lawsuits successfully filed and pending since the ruling on August 10, 2018 by the San Francisco court. The jury ruled that “Monsanto was responsible for negligent failure and knew or should have known that its product was dangerous.” Attorneys for Mr. DeWayne Johnson said in a statement that they were able to show the jury the secret internal Monsanto documents proving that Monsanto has known for decades that RoundupⓇ can cause cancer. Glyphosate is in RoundupⓇ in four times the quantity as in any other product and RoundupⓇ is the most used weed killer in the world and that includes being used on organic products.

Mr. Johnson is quoted to have testified, “I never would have sprayed that product on school grounds or around people if I knew it would cause them harm.” A large number of these lawsuits are against organic “healthy” products that many of us have trusted as safe for our families. We simply cannot continue burying our heads in the sands, or use our busy schedules and lives as excuses to ignore the fact that our families are being poisoned anymore. We have over 8,000 pending lawsuits stating that our words are not libel, but truth. Our families have been at risk far too long to pretend that it doesn’t affect us.

CCHC is proud to be a brand partner of Purium’s Health Products. We are most excited to make Purium’s Biome Medic available to the public. Biome Medic is clinically proven to aid in the removal of glyphosate from the intestine without a change in the diet, while at the same time building the immune system. Biome Medic proved to remove 75% of all glyphosate from the digestive system without a change to a person’s diet and Biome Medic has been found to be the only product on the market at this time proven to remove glyphosate from the digestive system. Purium is listed as a Certified Glyphosate Free Product with The Detox Project. The Detox Project is an actual website where a person can go and find out if the foods that you’ve been using and consuming have been tested to be glyphosate free.

If you are open to contributing to our charity, and helping CCHC get the word out, please use the link hereYou can save $50 off your first purchase of $75 or more. By creating your unique login and password on the Purium site using this link, every purchase you make through CCHC helps us help others, with a 20% of your purchase becoming a donation to our charity.

What is a Modality

What is a Modality?

When we are not feeling our best, our first thought is usually to call for an appointment with our medical doctor. Conventional Medicine is a term that encompasses the most commonly accepted practice of medicine, including your primary care physician and specialists that you might be referred to by your primary care physician, and any tests your medical team may deem necessary to run in order to aid your doctor or doctors in determining the cause of your ailments.

Alternative medicine is a term that covers a wide variety of options outside of conventional medicine to help people move towards better health. Alternative medicine tends to depend less on pharmaceuticals and surgeries, and more upon a recognition of the body’s natural ability to heal itself, often with a change in diet or with the removal of a blockage within the energy field of the body. This energy shift can be done in a variety of ways. One of those ways is the adjustments to the alignment of bones such as what is done by a chiropractor. Another way is by clearing energy flow within the meridian system or the chakras. Yet another way is clearing energy in the auric field around the body such as Eden Energy Medicine.

If you’re familiar at all with Alternative Medicine, you’ve probably heard the term, “modality”. What is a modality? What exactly does the term “modality” mean?

The Dictionary defines Modality this way:

“A particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed.”

When we refer to a modality in the alternative healing community, we are referring to one of the different types of practices or offerings within the alternative healing community. For example, if you’re exploring energy healing, you’re going to have an opportunity to get information on a wide variety of ways energy healing can be administered. Some of the “modalities” available within the field of energy healing are Reiki, chakra clearing, and Access Consciousness. Within these and other modalities can be found a variety of means by which energy work can be performed. Some practitioners might use a pendulum, another might use their hands, while a third might use crystal bowls to create a healing frequency. Still others might use a practice called “muscle testing” to get clear yes or no answers from your individual energy field, and an energy healing practitioner might use any combination thereof.

Most energy work is science based, meaning there is a way to scientifically prove with evidence that an effect has taken place. Numerous modalities exist within the alternative healing community that, while evidence is not able to be disputed, cannot be scientifically verified. Nonetheless, such modalities do work with countless examples and testimonies to back them up. Alternative healing practitioners have been trained in their practices and are trusted by those who have seen, experienced, and lived their effectiveness.

A practitioner is usually certified, rather than licensed or given a diploma like a medical practitioner would receive. That means these practitioners have completed the required training process, and have been able to show that they have absorbed and learned to facilitate results within their specific field. As with anything, a practitioner will improve and expand their skills with time, experience, and practice. Those who are actively and constantly seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise will do so. That being said, it is important to know that each of us as human beings has our own set of gifts. Most practitioners have found themselves drawn to a specific type of healing or modality that fits their specific set of gifts. Even if a person is within their first year of practice, patients and clients will be able to experience great results with these beginning practitioners.

Why will a practitioner be able to see significant results in their patients/clients right away as opposed to having to intern for some number of years in a fashion as conventional western doctors? Simply because the modalities work, and your practitioner is not only trained, but also usually has the ability to “listen” to you. Listening to you and listening to your body actually has little to do with the ears. In reality, listening to you and your body means listening to the body’s attempt to communicate what is wrong and/or what is the underlying ailment or blockage that is causing the ailment? Above and beyond listening to the body, the practitioner also learns to listen to your energy as they work on you. The entire process is dynamic and many times, one ailment leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to numerous unexpected bonus discoveries and breakthroughs for the patient or client. This is why you will often see the beneficiaries of energy healing seam a little overly excited to share their experience with anyone around them whether that person is ready to hear their story or not. Patients/clients are so excited that they just cannot contain themselves.