Courage to Be Honest With Yourself

Many of you may have realized by now that I, the writer of the majority of these posts, have my own physical issues, and over time, it appears that I am having to use each of the modalities mentioned on the CCHC site in order to be able to vouch for their viability and levels of truth contained in their claims.

I understand those who are skeptical. In fact, we here at CCHC encourage all of you to have your doubts and suspicions. However, we also expect that each of you have the ability to look deep inside yourself and for each of you to have the Courage to be honest with yourself. Having the courage to be honest with yourself is not easy, especially when life has dealt you one difficult blow after the other. To recap a little of my story, I have 7 herniated discs and three vertebrae fractures that make it difficult for me to move and to work a job commensurate with my skill set. Obviously, money has been an issue, and being able to take care of myself has not been easy with considerable pain and difficulty in moving to accomplish basic things like putting on shoes, getting to the grocery store, and forget the possibility of dating. Surely, no lady/woman would want to date someone like myself with ailments, pain, and someone who has put on considerable weight as a result of his condition.

The purpose of today’s post is to share my experience and use of Access Consciousness in connection with my ailments and condition. An explanation of Access Consciousness and its benefits exists in other places on the CCHC site, and we also encourage you to go to the Access Consciousness site and research for yourself. To summarize, Access Consciousness is raising one’s awareness through knowledge, wisdom, and opening one’s mind to follow some simple instructions which will break through one’s own limitations or limiting beliefs or to help a person find what may be holding him/her back, and being able to break through these limitations so as to create a life you love for yourself or create a greater version of yourself.

Two of CCHC’s Board Members have been working the Access Consciousness program for the past couple of weeks, and I’d like to share with you the results I’ve seen. Included below, you will see links to a couple of different Access Consciousness videos for those of you that are interested in how this works. The first one is with one of the Founders of Access Consciousness Dr. Dain Heer. In an effort to help a person Detox from this Reality, Dr. Heer goes through the process of what to look for and what to say.

In the second video, Dr. Heer goes through the actual meaning or background of what is said for those of you that have that engineering mind and feel the need to understand the “how” of how things actually work.

The third video is with another leader in Access Consciousness, Ms. Simone Milasas. Simone talks about something that I found extremely useful and powerful, and that is, “what did you give up choosing?”

Around the 18th minute, She gives instructions for exactly what she means by that. Incredibly powerful work to say the least. To help you though, I will share with you some of my own experience with this exercise, what I discovered I’d given up choosing, and how the exercise itself has helped me in my world and in my life.

The firs thing I had to do though was to sit silently by myself and with myself. I had to look deep inside myself, and to display the courage it takes to be honest with myself. What had I given up choosing? I’d given up choosing that I could attract a lady that I’d like to date into my life due to my physical ailments and limitations. How does that look? That’s a simple record playing in my head or in my mind that sounds something like this…..

“No girl that I’d be attracted to will date me until I lose weight.” or “No girl I’d be attracted to will date me until I have some assets such as real estate.” or “No girl will date me until I am healthy and can move better.”

Do you see what I am doing here? I am getting honest with myself about the records playing in my own head which are limiting me to a life of loneliness. In fact, these are, as Simone puts it in her video, the things I’ve given up choosing. Instead of choosing to powerfully state and create a life in which I can and do attract a partner I love and who loves me and who loves being with me no matter the circumstances, I have given up the ability to choose a relationship I love and instead replaced that ability with a limiting belief.

So, I sat silently with myself, and did what Simone suggested, and wrote down five different places in my life where I realized that I had chosen some other belief over being free to choose and create a life I love for myself. With each subsequent day, and each subsequent session of having the courage to be honest with myself, I found a couple of more of these beliefs. Now, I have 19 of these limiting beliefs and I perform the exact Access Consciousness suggested exercises via the first video from Dr Dain Heer, and day by day, I can feel these beliefs lessening their hold on me. I’d liken it to scratching a record which I’d been playing in my head for years and which has been preventing me from loving my life.

More importantly, I see myself attracting potential dating partners into my life. I see myself able to work longer hours with less pain. I see myself attracting others into the CCHC charity, and I see the power and effectiveness of this work in my day to day life. I hope you can see openings for yourself in your life to have a life that you love through this work.

Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics

Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics, as described by the founder Steve Richards, is “An Advanced Aboriginal Healing Modality for the Future from the Past”. Steve grew up in Australia, born of Aboriginal descent. At the age of eight he began a quest to learn why he was so different from other children. He studied every book he could find, and later asked the Aboriginal Elders, his living ancestors, for help to understand how at the age of four he was able to know things his parents said he shouldn’t have known at such an early age. He wanted to know how it was possible for him to do things that he couldn’t explain. The Elders couldn’t help him understand either. They explained that they didn’t have the education to be able to explain what it was they could do. They just knew that they could do it. From decades of Steve Richard’s study and practice came a healing modality called Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics that Steve and his partner, Lisa Marie, have since shared around the world.

If you’re anything like me, going to Steve’s scientifically written website can make your head spin. He doesn’t sugar coat anything in the way he communicates because he means business. So, I’m very grateful for the numerous videos Steve has posted on his website that describe experiences he has had with clients in his sessions. By using these videos, Steve has been able to explain how Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics works. These videos have helped me understand his work in a way my non-scientific mind could have never otherwise grasped the depth of his knowledge and wisdom.

Within his videos and on his website, Steve explains something called “Lore”. Lore is another word for Universal Law. “The Laws of Lore are that Man is responsible for his thought, word, deed, and action.” Steve continues, “whatever creation you create, you in return, must experience that creation as it was your creation. Only by you experiencing your creation will you ever understand the experience as the giver and receiver of that creation, which in turn keeps balance.”

Steve’s work, you could say, has taken him on a journey down the “rabbit hole”, discovering in his words, that the world doesn’t work the way we think it works. His website is a fascinating read, if you take it one webpage at a time and really try to absorb each page.

As a certified practitioner of Steve’s fascinating modality of Holographic Kinetics, and still being only a beginner, it is awe inspiring and transformational for me to do this work. Having experienced the opposite point of view of having this work done on me has been even more fascinating and even a wonder. During my first healing session, prior to becoming a practitioner, while lying on the table, I wondered how I was “supposed to” participate as a client.

As my practitioner went through the steps, I found my mind wandering, and I noticed my mind tell me that I should be doing something differently than I was doing…that I was doing my part of the process “wrong”. I had to keep reminding myself that the mind will do that – that my mind would constantly tell me that I’m “doing it wrong” I knew, from all of the other work I had done that I needed to just let my thoughts and judgments go and to trust the process. I knew I needed to trust whatever “shows up” for me. I knew that whatever showed up for me would depend upon which personal issues I had brought to my practitioner.

Not every client receives a picture or scene inside their mind during a session, however, I am a visual thinker, I see in pictures and scenes, and I hear thoughts. So this process comes easy for me, even though what I receive, I receive in bits. That’s the interesting part. I receive bits of scenes like scenes from a movie. My mind, however wanted more. My was telling me, ‘show me more!’ My mind wanted and/or expected an entire movie. My mind said, “Is that it? Really? You’re not doing it right!” I noticed a slight rush of emotion, as I watched the short, vivid scene in my mind with fascination, and noticed the judgement my mind had that I wasn’t getting the intended outcome of the session. It took some time, but as the session continued, I was able to get passed the struggle over not doing it right, and was able to become at ease with the process.

My only assignment was to bring a list of three physical issues that I’d like to work on during my session. The practitioner didn’t say which one of these three issues we’d be working on first. Through the use of Kinesiology, a science based diagnostic skill introduced in the mid 1960’s, the practitioner asks the client’s Spirit which issue in the list the Spirit chooses to work on and in which order. The practitioner then uses a different list of emotions designed to help the practitioner find any attachments that might be causing an issue from my list. Once those factors are established the process begins This requires the participation of the client.

As I lie on the table, eyes shut, suddenly I see, in my mind, a sharp, clear scene of a dry and mountainous landscape. Mostly brown, with little greenery, almost all boulders and sand. Suddenly, a thin framed, suntanned little boy of about 8 years old, wearing just a flap and braids, came darting towards me at breakneck speed from behind a huge boulder right in front of me. The boy ran past my view, and suddenly into my view from where he had come from, loped a full grown male lion, looking committed, yet confident and relaxed. What I sensed from the lion was a feeling of sport, fun, and confidence. The lion, too, ran past my view, and the scene in my mind was over.

I still pondered the scene as my practitioner asked me to move on to the next step in the process. However, I found it difficult to let go of my mind telling me that I wasn’t doing it right. My mind was insisting that something was wrong with me moving onto another issue or moving away from this scene/movie clip which I had just watched in my mind. That simple scene couldn’t have had anything to do with my issue, could it?

Only a few months after that first session, I got the opportunity to take the initial practitioners course to become certified as a Dreamtime Healing with Holographic Kinetics practitioner. During the seven day course, students practice what they learn on one another. I had experienced this practicing on one another in other energy healing modality courses as well.

As students, we were asked to create a list of our own actual issues that we would like to have addressed during class. One of the major issues I listed for a student to practice on me was a mass in my left lung. This mass had been growing for ten years and had become very painful in my chest and back. The pain was sharp with every breath I took. Another was a recurring sinus infection that attacked my immune system and had created a continuous theme of me fighting for my life. This struggle that had been ongoing since my early adulthood. Three months after that class ended, both issues were GONE. These issues have never come back. Other issues cleared up as well, and my daughters wanted to know why I looked so much younger.

I chose to leave comments on my initial session as a client til last for a reason. I did receive immediate improvements in the issues that I listed for my practitioner, and they weren’t all related to health. One such benefit was in regards to my path in energy healing. I felt very stuck in my growth as an energy healer. I found myself discovering more and more modalities that drew my interest, but I wasn’t able to find one to really focus my attention on. I was unable to excel at any single energy healing modality. This concerned me, due to the fact that energy healing isn’t just a novelty to me. I actually had a passion for it and I had some natural abilities in the area of energy work. My hands actually heat up when I send energy, and the heat is strong. So of course, I expect myself to “be a real energy healer”. Therefore, one of the issues on my list was to move whatever had me stuck in my growth as a healer. My desire was for my ability as a healer to open up and to be able to move forward with clarity.

That evening, information and awareness opened up for me that I had previously been resistant to, limited to, or blocked from somehow receiving. Since then, I’ve co-founded a nationwide nonprofit with the mission to create access for everyone who might be open to receiving holistic healing treatments. I’ve realized that my purpose isn’t to be a great healer of one individual energy healing modality, but rather to bring all great healers together and help people to find those special healers. Also, for those who might not have the available funds to receive treatments, I’m determined to help those interested parties pay for their treatments so that ALL people have access to the wonderfully liberating freedom that comes as a result of these treatments. Finally, I’m committed to helping anyone that might be open to these types of treatments. I want to offer people all of the information needed to allow them to have the courage to try these treatments and to be at peace with the process. This is a task that conventional medicine and the insurance industry has no interest in doing. I’m convinced that the journey that I’m on now as Vice President of Clear Choices Healing Center began with that first Dreamtime Healing with Holographic Kinetics session.

In Constant Pain? There may be hope

About fifteen months ago, I met a woman who told me about pure food supplements and two companies called Shaklee and Purium. I heard nothing. I don’t mean that I didn’t hear what she said or that I didn’t hear the words come out of her mouth. I mean, her words had no meaning nor any significance to me. Hence, it didn’t even cross my mind to pay attention to her words or give her enough credibility or give her words the credence necessary to pay attention or think about the possible benefits to me of what she was sharing. I was in incredible pain every day. I had incredible difficulty moving, changing clothes, putting on or taking off my shirt, socks, shoes, bending, lifting, and difficulty moving in general. Getting to the grocery store, or going to work was nearly impossible despite working only a 4 minute walk from my residence. I was taking 4 opiod pain pills per day. What is this woman talking to me about pure food supplements for? And, how does she think vitamins can help my pain or inability to move? I think this woman might be a little off of her rocker.

You see, people have told me before that this or that can or could help me in some way physically, and I am 47 years old and tried many different things. So, I can say that I have become naturally skeptical. I am ESPECIALLY skeptical when it comes to pills. In my mind, I’ve concluded that good things in life, or changes in life come from diligent, consistent work, not from a pill. In my mind concerted effort and study, and applying what I have learned is the only way to improve myself or my life. I believed that getting to a gym, having a personal trainer, and altering my diet were all things that could help me. All of these take money and consistent diligence and work. What is this woman telling me about a pill for?

Also, I’ve mentioned other places in this website about my broken leg and foot which did not heal properly and caused massive spinal problems, seven herniated discs, compression fractures in my spine, compressed nerves, numbness, which has made simple movements almost impossible for me. Also, I’ve shared in other places in this website about not having any cartilage in either of my shoulders. Having torn labrum and torn rotator cuff, bones spurs, and nerve impingements in both shoulders. So, telling me that there is a pill that could help my joints made me quite skeptical,,,, especially since glucosamine chondroitin had been a total waste of time, effort, energy, money, and false hope in my past.

The woman who brought these products and claims to me had said that Shaklee has saved her life on 3 occasions throughout her life, and she believed if there were one company that could produce vitamins and supplements which could help me, the man in constant, debilitating pain, and who had difficulty doing the most basic of tasks in daily life; she believes that Shaklee is that company.

After about 6 months, I decided to give Shaklee’s Joint Health ComplexⓇ a chance. Despite having very little money, I spent that money on Shaklee’s Joint Health ComplexⓇ. By this time, the woman who had brought me the original claim that Shaklee’sⓇ had earned quite a bit of admiration and credibility in my mind. So, I gave it a shot. I took my friend’s recommended dosage, and that took me through one bottle in ten days. I saw no benefit. This experience did nothing for my confidence in the product. I had done quite a bit of research up to this point, and realized the difference that pure food vitamins and supplements can make on the body over the vitamins and supplements that I could get at the local drug store. But, still, I had given this woman’s recommendation a shot, and nothing.

I must admit, I realized that ten days of taking this Joint Health ComplexⓇ probably wasn’t enough time to see any results, especially in shoulders as badly gone as my shoulders are. However, I also realized that buying three of these bottle per month was way outside my current financial means, so what do I do? I’ve already said that I believe positive change comes from being consistent and diligent, and I wasn’t being either of those here in this situation when it came to my health. I knew it was possible that there was truth in her words, but I guess either I or Universe wasn’t ready for me to see any actual result.

Fast forward another 7 months, and I can tell you that this woman’s credibility has grown in my eyes. I had learned more about her story, and more about the adversity that she had overcome, and more about the details by which Shaklee had actually saved her life. Eventually, I decided that I was going to give this Shaklee thing, this pure food vitamin and supplement thing, a right go as the British would say.

So, at her recommendation, I bought Soy Protein made from a purely natural process, which is completely different than the vast majority of the soy available to the public and I use that and Shaklee’s Organic Greens BoosterⓇ (which is one cup of raw, nutrient rich vegetables in every scoop) in a daily fruit and spinach smoothie.

I also now use Shaklee’s Pain Relief ComplexⓇ daily. I take Shaklee’s PM Recovery Complex to recover quicker from my daily movements/exercise. I take CarotoMaxⓇ for lutein, lycopene, carotenoid, and other antioxidants. I take Vita-D3Ⓡ for heart and immune system health. I take Vita-LeaⓇ for men, for energy, immune system boost, metabolism, muscle recovery, and vitality. Lastly, I take Shaklee’s OmegaGuardⓇ for fish oil that is pharmaceutical grade in its potency.

I committed to taking these diligently until I could make an accurate assessment and then feel confident in sharing that with others. It’s been three and a half weeks, and while not every day has been spectacular, having my up days and down days, in general, all of the claims that were made to me have come true. I have less pain. I can move easier. I have more energy. When I sleep, I sleep better. My quality of life has improved.

As someone who definitely has experienced thoughts of not wanting to live any more due to the level of consistent pain and debilitation I was experiencing on a daily basis, I do not make recommendations like this lightly. While I am not yet running outside, or training crossfit or for marathons, the difference is significant enough that I would like everyone who experiences consistent pain and debilitation to experience the increase in mobility, energy, and vitality that I feel.

You may have noticed that I did not list the Joint Health ComplexⓇ among the supplements I have committed to taking. As I’ve stated above. I believe in committing to something, and then observing the results over time, without any judgement or preconceived notions before I change my mind on something. I am committed to taking it, but not until one of two things happens. Either I start generating a little more money personally so I know I can take it for six months before making any judgments about its efficacy, or the moment that Clear Choices Healing Center can have me as a patient/client and help me with the payment of the Joint Health ComplexⓇ.

I am now down to about two to three pain pills per week. I have the energy to write this article. Obviously, my daily mood is better because it is not so difficult for me to move and do the things that have been so difficult for me to do over the past 6+ years. I hope that this testimonial gives you hope that good things are possible for you too.

Fast forward another 7 months, and I can tell you that this woman’s credibility has grown in my eyes. I had learned more about her story, and more about the adversity that she had overcome, and more about the details by which Shaklee had actually saved her life. Eventually, I decided that I was going to give this Shaklee thing, this pure food vitamin and supplement thing, a right go as the British would say.

So, at her recommendation, I bought Soy Protein made from a purely natural process, which is completely different than the vast majority of the soy available to the public and I use that and Shaklee’sⓇ Organic Greens Booster (which is one cup of raw, nutrient rich vegetables in every scoop) in a daily fruit and spinach smoothie.

I also now use Shaklee’s Pain Relief ComplexⓇ daily. I take Shaklee’s PM Recovery Complex to recover quicker from my daily movements/exercise. I take CarotoMaxⓇ for lutein, lycopene, carotenoid, and other antioxidants. I take Vita-D3Ⓡ for heart and immune system health. I take Vita-LeaⓇ for men, for energy, immune system boost, metabolism, muscle recovery, and vitality. Lastly, I take Shaklee’s OmegaGuardⓇ for fish oil that is pharmaceutical grade in its potency.

I committed to taking these diligently until I could make an accurate assessment and then feel confident in sharing that with others. It’s been three and a half weeks, and while not every day has been spectacular, having my up days and down days, in general, all of the claims that were made to me have come true. I have less pain. I can move easier. I have more energy. When I sleep, I sleep better. My quality of life has improved.

As someone who definitely has experienced thoughts of not wanting to live any more due to the level of consistent pain and debilitation I was experiencing on a daily basis, I do not make recommendations like this lightly. While I am not yet running outside, or training crossfit or for marathons, the difference is significant enough that I would like everyone who experiences consistent pain and debilitation to experience the increase in mobility, energy, and vitality that I feel.

You may have noticed that I did not list the Joint Health ComplexⓇ among the supplements I have committed to taking. As I’ve stated above. I believe in committing to something, and then observing the results over time, without any judgement or preconceived notions before I change my mind on something. I am committed to taking it, but not until one of two things happens. Either I start generating a little more money personally so I know I can take it for six months before making any judgments about its efficacy, or the moment that Clear Choices Healing Center can have me as a patient/client and help me with the payment of the Joint Health ComplexⓇ.

I am now down to about two to three pain pills per week. I have the energy to write this article. Obviously, my daily mood is better because it is not so difficult for me to move and do the things that have been so difficult for me to do over the past 6+ years. I hope that this testimonial gives you hope that good things are possible for you too.

Energy Healer??? What???

Last night, I was at my job as a cashier at CVS and something happened to me that I’d like to share with you. I was in a good mood despite numerous things and events occurring in my life or on the periphery of my life that could be construed as crap. Believe it or not, I had a desire to dance. So, if you have ever seen teenagers and early twenty somethings jumping up and down in front of the stage at a music concert, that was me…….. For just a second……..

There were no customers around. I knew I had a 90 second break between customers, and my supervisor was in the seasonal aisle changing things over from Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff. I thought it would be cool to dance and to jump up and down and move into the aisle and break her mundane thought pattern with a pattern of joy. But, on that second jump, I felt my right calf pop. Yes, that’s right. For those of you that have ever torn a hamstring or calf, that is exactly what happened.

For me, having been a former high level athlete, and having torn my hamstring and calf before, I will give you a background of relatedness to understand. The least damaging type of ‘pop’ for a hamstring or calf will leave the athlete out only for a few days while he/she recovers. The second type of “pop” will leave the athlete out for about three weeks while he/she is in recovery. The third, and most damaging type of tear of the calf or hamstring will leave the athlete out for around three months and will possibly need surgery to be repaired. This was not that kind of “pop”. It was the second kind of pop. Yes, the fact that I can just rattle this off like that tells you just how many times I’ve hurt myself in my life, how many times I’ve been to doctors for similar type injuries, how in tune with my own body that I am, and how much I’ve read and researched on medical topics related to all of my injuries and ailments.

Last night, I was hobbling big time. I could barely move my body at all due to the level of pain in my calf. I could put no weight on my left leg at all, and I was certain that my life would be like this for the next three weeks or so. My first thought was not to go to the doctor. Also, in the past, I would have just kept quiet about it, and despite others noticing the limp, I would not have talked about my pain and just ‘toughed it out’ for three weeks while the calf healed.

My first thought was to contact my very good friend who happens to be an energy healer and let her know that I had popped my calf. We talked about the root cause of this sudden injury. For those of you that are open to it, you can do some research on Louise Hay. Louise Hay was an amazing lady who believed that when the body demonstrates a physical ailment, the body is attempting to communicate something to you. Her work, You Can Heal Your Body, You Can Heal Your Life helped millions of people over the last 40 years. Also, the publishing company she created in which she only published books for the betterment of mankind is a wonderful place to find something that could help you achieve whatever it is that you desire for yourself and your life.

Let’s get back to our story…. Since I was at work, and since I knew that there was no one to come in and relieve me so I could go home and rest and ice my calf, I sent my friend and energy healer Dee a message letting her know that I had popped my calf. She immediately went to work connecting to my energy, and sending healing energy into the area of the injury. She sent me a return text message telling me that she had done this and that I should be able to feel a difference shortly. Within fifteen to twenty minutes, I did feel about a 20 to 25% decrease in tightness and pain. For those of you that are all about science, science related, and only science, and are disbelievers that this is even possible, that is ok. We here at Clear Choices Healing Center want to give everyone the opportunity to believe if they are open, and give people the opportunity to refuse belief if they are not ready to open their minds and give up what they believe to be true and real and possible. I assure you. Twenty years ago, I didn’t believe any of this was possible either.

Weren’t all of the great discoveries and breakthroughs in science and in world history a result of one person having the courage to believe that the impossible was possible?

Anyway……. I made it through the four and a half hours of work. I did not ice my calf when I got home like my healer friend had implored me to do. That is a discussion for another day. I went to bed, and woke up this morning with about 60 to 70% of the pain and tightness gone from my calf. Since I’ve been through these types of injuries, as well as this type of healing numerous times, I believe that I will have discomfort for a few days, and my calf will be as good as new in only a few days time.

I understand the difficulty for many of you to believe this event occurred in the way or manner that I described. I understand that there will be those that feel that I, not being a medical professional, cannot accurately diagnose my injury, and most likely did not accurately assess the level of tear. I know that there will be those who believe that I am just making stuff up. I know that there will be those who even leave our website and/or charity upon reading this due to the level of disbelief that they have……… and, that is ok.

For those of you that are ready, and whose minds are open to the possibility that there is truth in my words, we can now move on to the next step, which is to figure out why this type of niggling injury has been happening to me and my body for my entire life, and to set out on a course to stop them from happening to me and my body in the future.

Energy healers are real. They may not all have positive, selfless intentions, but when you find one that does, I recommend you hold on to him or her for dear life.

[Caveat] The healer I deal with opened my mind and my eyes to the fact that my belief that I’d need a week or so to heal was actually blocking my calf from healing quickly. Her words were certainly a brick upside my head. I now had to look at the possibility that my beliefs might be stopping my calf from healing. As a result, I sat with her words the rest of the day, and lo and behold, the next day, when I woke up, my calf was over 90% healed. By the third morning, I’d say the calf was 98 or 99% healed, and by the fourth day, I couldn’t feel any more pain or tightness in the calf. I know there are still skeptics out there and that is fine. For those that are open, I invite you to look at what beliefs you have that may be limiting you.

Mom, Why Do You Look So Much Younger?

Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve been a loyalist to Shaklee health products for over twenty years. The benefits to my health have been far more than just a gift to me. I talk about that in other articles on this website, so I won’t go into that much in this article. Financial challenges haven’t always allowed me to use the products as faithfully as I’ve wanted to, but as I was able I did. One of the amazing lines of products that Shaklee introduced in 1999 was an anti-aging skin care line. It had seven patents pending on it when it came out, and later had eight patents. This line of skin care revolutionized the skin care industry, by infusing vitamins C & E into the cells of the skin. That simple detail made a big difference in the suppleness and hydration of my skin.

My children knew I used this line of products, and they also knew that I had my financial challenges and for quite a long time wasn’t able to get these products and use them as faithfully as I had wanted to. So when my I returned from spending the majority of 2018 in New Hampshire and having had little time with my family during that year, one of my daughters noticed a distinct difference in the appearance of my age. My skin looked younger, less wrinkling, much less sagging, softer. She felt compelled to ask me, “Mom, why do you look so much younger, what have you been doing?”

I knew I hadn’t had any beauty treatments, and I hadn’t had an income that allowed me to return to my favorite anti-aging skin care line either. The one particular thing I had done differently was to learn an energy clearing modality that works at the spirit level to remove traumas and negative thought patterns from my energy field, or auric field. The result always left me feeling lighter, brighter. Feeling “free-er”. Even though I knew physical healing occurs from the work done in the healing sessions, it didn’t occur to me at the time that my physical appearance would look noticeably different, more youthful even.

I spent seven days in that initial course, bringing actual personal issues of my own and from my past, to the “treatment table”. This is the table where the client lies down for a healing session. Then, after the course, I spent many hours clearing energy for others which also clears energy somewhat for the practitioner. I have been involved in practice sessions with other practitioners as well, so the work for me is an ongoing process. I don’t believe we are ever really ‘done’. As a result, the clearing process continues for me as long as I keep doing my work. That is the only real difference for me during that year I was away from my daughter.

I love that it really made a difference! The course I took is called Holographic Kinetics, an Aboriginal belief and quantum science based, energy healing modality. This energy healing modality works at the spirit/energy level to clear away traumas we’ve experienced that are unknowingly affecting us and/or affecting our health and well-being in this lifetime. Even our disempowering beliefs and decisions that we’ve made get locked into dimensions of their own in our energy field. This creates blocks to having a healthy body, blocks to having a healthy, joyous relationships. Many modalities clear blocks only at the cellular or the soul level. Holographic Kinetics is different because it can clear these blocks away at the spirit/energy level. If the Spirit isn’t involved in the process, the very core issue that’s holding it there may still be present, creating an opportunity for the issue to return even after a person has had work done on themself via another modality.

Through the process of clearing away emotional traumas and negative thought patterns that are trapped within our energy field or aura, the physical body responds positively. The body is able to heal itself. So it makes sense that the body’s aging process is altered also.

Clear Choices Healing Center will have Holographic Kinetics certified practitioners in our community healing centers across America. These practitioners will be approved by Steve Richards, who has spent his life studying, practicing, researching and designing the Holographic Kinetics modality and energy healing course. Steve is very careful with training his students, as this modality works at the quantum level of science. While CCHC refers clients to a nationwide pool of available practitioners, we want those working within our community centers hand picked by Steve, for the best benefit for all.

What is Healing Touch Program

My first introduction to the Healing Touch Program was at a monthly gathering of like-minded energy healers and psychic readers. As I lie on the treatment table, surrendering to the manner in which the practitioner moved energy around and throughout my body, I began to experience a level of relaxation that was almost foreign to me. I found myself falling asleep at one point, in a room with strangers. Who does that?

The practitioner had a light blanket covering me, and I thought it odd, until, while she stood at my feet at one point during the treatment, I suddenly began to weep, and chills traveled throughout my body. She commented then that she had been guided to stay at my feet for a bit and now she could see why. She was picking up in her thoughts, on a very painful relationship/breakup of mine that I hadn’t been able to fully let go of yet. The work she was doing allowed my body to release the energy of the trauma that I had been holding onto for years. Before this moment, I had had no idea that I had been holding onto this pain. I thought I had put that relationship into my past and moved on.  Healing Touch Program is an energy healing modality. Trained practitioners use their intentions, their hearts, and their hands to move and to clear energy within the body’s biofield, or the magnetic field around the body of their clients. This is a holistic approach to healing, able to affect the physical, emotional, mental as well as the spiritual well-being of the person receiving a treatment. It is a most gentle approach to wellness, leaving the client fully relaxed, and in a peaceful state of mind and body at the completion of the session.

Even a client in the most fragile of health conditions could feel safe with this type of healing modality. Healing Touch Program is peer-reviewed and is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association. ABC did a special documenting the effectiveness of Healing Touch Program. Healing Touch Program has been scientifically documented to increase speed of recovery for recent surgery patients. Finally, there have even been insurance companies willing to pay for treatments for recent surgery patients due to the proven scientific benefits. Healing Touch Program practitioners work side by side with nurses within hospital settings to assist patients.

Healing Touch Program was founded by Janet Mentgen in 1989, and became a certificate program in 1990 as a continuing education course for nurses, sponsored by the American Holistic Nurses Association. Janet created this modality out of the combination of her skill as a nurse and her intuitive healing abilities. In 1993 her daughter, Lisa Mentgen-Gordon, began to work with her mother in the Healing Touch Program, and now is the CEO, continuing her mother’s healing legacy.

The Healing Touch Program also has a program designed specifically to help pets. If you’re looking for a holistic approach to better health for your pets, or you would like to learn for yourself how to help your pets, Healing Touch for Animals might interest you.


Clear Choices Healing Center is proud to offer space for Healing Touch Program practitioners to provide treatments for clients in our healing centers, as well as referrals to practitioners in or around your area.


What is Acupressure

There are times when you might wish there were something you could do on your own to aid or relieve your own physical discomforts, pain, or symptoms, such as being able to relieve stress, anxiety, or dissipate the pain of a headache. As it has become common knowledge that ibuprofen eats away the lining of the stomach over time, it might be prudent to look to avoid taking medication at every opportunity.  That’s why Acupressure is a good modality to be aware of. Acupressure is an artform developed over 5,000 years ago in Asia and has been widely used in Chinese medicine ever since. The Chinese use precise finger placement with gentle pressure over designated points along appropriate areas of the body. With a little practice and a well written book on the subject for guidance, you can learn some acupressure techniques to aid yourself to relax, improve sleep, release tension, improve blood flow which promotes healing, and even dissipate pain as well as with many other simple health issues.

The purpose of acupressure is to activate the flow of energy, or to stimulate the movement of energy in the proper direction within the meridians, or energy channels throughout the body. Activating these energy channels can enhance what Chinese medicine practitioners call “Qi”, and we in America call “Chi”, or “life-energy”, something conventional doctors do not treat. There is enough scientific proof now available to show that the physical body is an energy system. However, your conventional western medical doctor is trained to tell you that there is no such thing as a meridian system. Let me help you understand more about the meridian system.

Each meridian creates a layer of energy in the auric field around the body, and connects to specific organs and/or areas within the body. The meridians feed vital energy to their related organs which then promotes healthy organ function throughout the body. There are numerous ways to work with the meridians to improve health. Acupressure is only one of these techniques. When a meridian is blocked, the organ related to that specific meridian suffers and this then creates pain, discomfort, or a physical ailment at or near that specific organ. Each meridian has at least one specific point, referred to as an alarm point. Those alarm points are found mostly along the center of the body. When pressed, the person will experience pain from the applied pressure if the organ and/or the meridian needs attention. Once this imbalance to a meridian is noted, twisting or pulling on the alarm point can clear the imbalance of energy. (This doesn’t mean that the ailment or issue with the organ is healed or cured.) I do wonder why conventional medicine ignores the importance of the body’s meridian system. We will just have to continue to wonder, I suppose. But let’s move on with our subject.

Once the alarm point has been tested and found to have an imbalance in its related energy flow, you can positively affect the flow of energy through a meridian by applying light, firm pressure for two or three minutes over its related pressure points. My experience in doing so has been to occasionally notice a bit of a chill as energies are moved throughout my body, via the meridian. I might even experience a bit of light-headedness as the energies shift. In some cases, pain will even begin to subside during the time the pressure points are being pressed. I’ve observed over many such treatments that the pain continues to decrease for hours after an acupressure treatment has been completed.

The kidney meridian runs from the bottom of the feet all the way up the front of the body to the top of the sternum. The pressure point I am about to reference, connected to the kidney meridian, can be found at the bottom of the feet. This is one of my favorite acupressure points. I used this point for my elderly mother in her darkest hours, and used acupressure to bring her through a seizure and even help her recover her mental faculties after a stroke. I started using this point for her immediately after the crisis of the stroke occurred while the paramedics were working on her, I held pressure on the acupressure points on the bottom of her feet right until until the moment she was put into the ambulance, and then I continued her acupressure treatment the moment I could get to her at the hospital. I continued to apply pressure to this point during her hospital stay and throughout her recovery as well for about 15-30 minutes at a time, numerous times, throughout the day. Doctors discovered a brain bleed after her stroke, and she had other complications that kept her in the hospital for three weeks following the stroke. However, she recovered her complete mental capacity and faculties as well as not experiencing any long term physical debilitation from her stroke.

Attending nurses were amazed by her not losing any of her faculties or physical abilities. I don’t believe that was a miracle. I believe she recovered due to the use of acupressure on her from the moment we found her after her stroke and throughout her recovery.  Although there are acupressure points you will want to try on yourself, choosing an alternative medicine practitioner who uses acupressure in their daily practice can be highly beneficial in your quest to recover from any physical ailments you may currently have, as well as in maintaining long term positive health for you and those you care about.


What is Eden Energy Medicine

As a young adult, I learned that the palms of my hands heat up with energy. Since first discovering that I was able to send energy out of the palms of my hands and into myself or others, I just naturally thought that everybody had this ability. I wanted to know more about how to use this energy coming out of my hands to help people. As a result, I began to explore books that might help me to understand how this energy healing stuff works. Discovering that you’re born with the ability to make healing energy flow out of you and into others doesn’t necessarily mean you receive an instruction manual to go along with this ability. If you were also born with hard-headedness as I was, the “How To” on how to make this energy ability thing work does not come any easier than the discovery that you actually have the ability did. So, the hard-headed thing to do, in my mind, of course, is to go book shopping and study how this whole energy healing thing works. As a result, I now have a small collection of books on energy healing.


One of my favorite books in my collection is called Energy Medicine, Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality, by Donna Eden. One of the ways I could relate to Donna was that she had the ability to actually see/perceive people’s energy and emotions flowing in and around their body and their chakra system, and she just naturally thought that everyone could see this. As a young adult, Donna had the epiphany that NOT everyone could see what she could see. She realized that a course to help people work with energy the way she does might be useful.

This led to her becoming a teacher of energy work and energy healing, teaching people about the chakra system, the aura, the emotions attached, and the meridian points in our energy fields. Due to the extent of detailed information she has taught over 100,000 people worldwide for almost 4 decades regarding how our body works as an energy system, Ms. Eden has often been referred to as the mother of energy work. The modality she’s shared with the world is called Eden Energy Medicine. Donna uses her book as a textbook to teach a person  how to work with the things mentioned above. She has taught both laypeople and professionals how to understand the body as an energy system.

Two of the main subjects that are explained in Donna’s work are the chakra system and the meridian system. The book explains that the meridian system is linked to every organ of the body. She teaches how to test the meridians, and how to reset an imbalanced meridian. Really, I can’t begin to do more than just touch on the wealth of knowledge to be gained through Donna’s years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) has an extensive website, which is available for anyone to explore. I am grateful for the fact that you don’t have to be certified as a EEM practitioner to be able to look up specific health issues on the EEM website in order to search out solutions. I have been able to find helpful resources on Donna’s website numerous times, from acupressure points to exercises that are designed to affect a meridian or to move energy in a specific manner. This guidance has helped me or others get relief from an immediate health issue countless time. I even found what I needed to help a lady assist her elderly dog to awaken from a coma once, through massaging pressure points in the pads of the dog’s feet.

If I have a favorite acupressure point, it would be what Donna refers to in her book as the “Wellspring of Life”. The Wellspring of Life relates to the kidney meridian, at the bottom of the feet, below the ball of the foot, and in the soft area under the arch. I used that spot for my elderly mother after a stroke, a seizure, and when she was mentally sluggish. My mother left us eventually, but at least she still had a sharp mind. Donna tells a story in her book of a doctor who used this method to stop a man from dying in the emergency room from shock.

One of my favorite testimonies is that I was able to assist my sister with relief from such extreme sciatic and lower back pain that the pain almost sent her to the emergency room after two days of suffering. In just a matter of a few hours, and a few repeated cycles of holding specific acupressure points for her, the pain decreased. My sister noticed relief as I sat holding the acupressure points for her. By morning, her back was sore, and she was exhausted from the intensity of the constant pain, but she had experienced great relief, didn’t need the emergency room, and needed no more treatments. Improvement continued on it’s own, and she has not had another sciatica crisis since. I’m not a professional at this. I studied the book, and was able to help my sister.

I will say that I do have certifications in some energy healing modalities, but not this one, not yet. That doesn’t preclude me from recommending to you that Eden Energy Medicine can be a gateway for you to find relief from pain or various other ailments without having to go to the doctor and take pain medication. In my mind, Eden Energy Medicine can be the foundation for anyone who is open to exploring all of the wisdom contained therein and as a result is one of the most important things CCHC could offer its patients, clients, or any interested party.

What is Reflexology

Reflexology is a term that describes a form of pressure which is applied to the feet, hands and ears in a manner designed to relax the client. Through the nerves in the hands and feet, a form of massage stimulates specific pressure points connected to the central nervous system that create calming and relaxing results for the entire body. This art dates back many centuries, first found in Chinese writings. The Europeans made the discovery of reflexology in writings about massage in the 1500’s, and translated the information due to its perceived value.

Reflexology has been known to be beneficial in lowering stress levels, improving sleep, and if used regularly, numerous other benefits may be experienced by the client. Reflexology creates an improved flow of vital life energy throughout the nervous system through massaging pressure points. The hands, feet and ears all have specific points that correspond to organs within the body. Flow of energy through these organs can be positively affected by applying pressure to the specific points as mapped out centuries ago to the hands, feet and ears.

Many people enjoy the use of essential oils with reflexology. Essential oils have many health benefits. Some, such as Lavender, can add to relaxation during a reflexology session. Just a thirty minute session of reflexology can ease the stress of your week, relax your tense muscles, and perhaps stimulate nerves leading to particular organs that may have needed a little support or boost.

For those interested in learning about working with pressure points, reflexology is an easy art for beginners. Charts are available with easy to follow pictures of the hands and feet. These maps show colored sections of the surface of the hand or foot, and they map out which areas correlate to which organs within the body. There are many great, easy to follow books and videos. This should ease the process of a novice exploring reflexology for themselves. If you find that you would like to become certified to practice this art or other skills like it, classes are also available, and can be found online.

I became certified in reflexology a few years before my elderly mother became ill. Reflexology was the first healing modality I chose to pursue. It took a couple of years of my mother’s gentle encouragement for me to give Reflexology serious consideration. I’m glad I did. Learning, knowing, and applying reflexology became quite a gift for her in the final year of her life. My mother would call me almost daily and ask me to come over to “do her feet” as she called it. Each day, after I arrived, I would get lotion and massage her hands and her feet, and I’d apply Reflexology all the way up to her knees before the session was complete. When I left the house, my mother would often be asleep. My mother had congestive heart failure. She remained on Hospice, living at home with my sister for over a full year. This is much longer than the medical system could explain. My mother’s heart kept going, and she was able to enjoy more time with her family than a person on hospice would normally be able to experience. That extra year made all of the difference for her. She was able to die at peace by having had that extra time. Could it be because of reflexology? I can’t say that Reflexology was the only reason she lasted longer than expected, but it sure didn’t hurt her any. She rested comfortably, and that was for her, a gold mine. I’m so glad I took my mother’s advice and learned my first alternative healing modality, Reflexology.

Are Mammograms the best Choice?

Are Mammograms the only available option for early detection of breast cancer? If they’re not the only option available, then are they the best option available to women? And, if there is evidence they are not the best option women have for early breast cancer detection, why exactly are we women still enduring the pain the traditional mammogram exam inflicts upon some of the most sensitive body parts that women have?

We, as women, are known throughout history to soldier through just about anything. Women have been told since birth that we have to endure. Being female has it’s built-in inconveniences and difficulties. I remembering making a mental note in my teens that guys seemed to feel grateful that they didn’t have to experience these inconveniences and difficulties. Once men become adults, get married, and get into their adult lives, many men spend the rest of their lives trying to understand the women in their lives and what we experience. You wouldn’t normally hear of a man who was willing to allow a medical technician to squeeze their sensitive body part between two plastic plates to take a picture of it, while sending dangerous radiation through said body part at the same time. Yet we as women will do so because we fear an even worse result if we don’t cooperate. Breast cancer has been the cause of death for far too many of our loved ones, and most of us have experienced a loss within our families or community.

It takes a special kind of …something…(you can fill in the blank here with your own thoughts if you’d like) for a woman to forego the fear of being diagnosed with breast cancer, in spite of watching her own mother endure a mastectomy, and still refuse to surrender to the wishes of conventional medical advice that says my age group should have had a mammogram completed long before now.

My cardiologist cringes each time he asks me if I have completed a mammogram, and my response to his question is a confident “no”. He shakes his head firmly and says it must be done. My thoughts? ‘You go first.’ Now, you can think of me and my choice however you choose, but for years I’ve had an unmistakable knowing deep inside me that there must be at least one better choice for early breast cancer detection than what seems to me to be an almost archaic and possibly a harmful technique known as the mammogram. I finally found one! Once again, I discover validation to always trust my intuition. Perhaps this will inspire at least one of you to trust your intuition as well. Take a look…

In the early 1990’s I watched a morning show that demonstrated a machine and a technique called Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI). I didn’t remember the name of it, so I patiently waited for the old ways of diagnosing potential breast cancer with radiation and the mammogram to succumb to this less harmful technology. Nope. That still hasn’t happened yet. Here we are almost 30 plus years later in 2018, and after years of searching for it on my own, I finally found DITI with no help from the conventional western medical community.

So, let’s look at a comparison of Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), and a mammogram, and see if we can come up with a good enough reason to still want to run and get that painful mammogram done.

As described by DITI Imaging in San Antonio TX, “Thermal imaging is a 15 minute, non-invasive test of vascular physiology. Thermal imaging uses a highly sensitive, high-resolution digital thermal camera to take a picture of your body’s infrared heat and display these patterns in the form of a digital image. The cells of your body produce heat through their normal function. Abnormal cells typically produce more heat in the early stages of development (before a tumor forms).

Now let’s take a look at what a mammogram is, and how women experience it. Here’s a couple of quotes that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says about a mammogram:

“You will stand in front of a special X-ray machine. A technologist will place your breast on a clear plastic plate. Another plate will firmly press your breast from above. The plates will flatten the breast, holding it still while the X-ray is being taken. You will feel some pressure.”

“Having a mammogram is uncomfortable for most women. Some women find it painful. A mammogram takes only a few moments, though, and the discomfort is over soon. What you feel depends on the skill of the technologist, the size of your breasts, and how much they need to be pressed. Your breasts may be more sensitive if you are about to get or have your period.”


Below is a great description of how DITI works, and can be found in the FAQ section of the DITI Imaging website.


“The camera used by DITI imaging is the only FDA registered thermal imaging medical camera on the market specifically designed for medical screenings. It is a totally non-invasive procedure that is completely safe. There is absolutely NO contact with the body, NO compression, and NO radiation. While a variety of studies have called into question the safety of cumulative exposures to radiation, this is not the case with thermography. Thermography emits nothing. It is simply a picture of your unique thermal heat patterns. It is a quick and painless procedure, which makes it a great screening option for breast screening with “no harm done” in the process.”


Why then, might you ask, is mammogram still the choice of all doctors throughout the United States for early breast cancer detection? That’s a great question. I don’t expect to answer that question here. However, if you’ve been compelled to read this far, I think it’s a good idea to now look at some differences in the two breast cancer early detection options.


Per Functional Medical practitioner Dr. Maggie, DITI is capable of detecting cancerous cells a full ten years earlier than a mammogram. By the time a mammogram detects cancer it has grown to at least one centimeter, already causing a negative impact on the wellbeing of the body. DITI is a true early detection system and it is available at a lower cost than a mammogram. However, conventional insurance companies do not offer to pay for this type of an exam. Hence, it is not well known to the general public.


The idea of early detection has become indisputable at this point, in my opinion. In my mind, this fact alone ends my discussion. Personally, I don’t need any more evidence for a DITI breast exam versus a traditional mammogram. I want to have the ability to detect cancer at a point well before damage is done to my body, and to have a chance at a treatment that is less invasive because of true early detection. Waiting for a mammogram to detect a mass or a tumor in my breast is just too late in my mind when something has been proven to detect potential tumors many years sooner than a traditional mammogram.


Many women already know what a mammogram is, and what the experience is like. You don’t need an explanation of it. The good news about traditional mammograms in my opinion is that an option of the traditional mammogram is available in which the traditional x-ray is not used, and instead, a digital x-ray can be used which does not emit radiation into the breast. However, as far as we are aware, many hospitals still use the old method of radiation. If a woman prefers to undergo the traditional mammogram, she will still have to submit to the squeezing of her breasts between the plastic plates.


Let’s look at the cost comparison between the two procedures.


A mammogram usually costs in the range of $300 for the person that does not have insurance to cover the cost of the procedure. Of course, the price goes up if you do have health insurance. No worries, you only pay your co-pay or your out of pocket portion. That makes sense to most people, right? I believe it’s important that if you would like to pay cash for a mammogram, you call around for an actual price, as they seem rather difficult to find online.


DITI costs an average of $150 to $200. Health insurance, at this time, does not cover the cost of this procedure, which leaves me scratching my head in wonderment. Why wouldn’t insurance companies want to save money and expose patients to a less uncomfortable and less harmful procedure in the process?


The most important point of this entire discussion in my opinion is that DITI is capable of detecting cancer a full ten years earlier than a mammogram or even ultrasound.


Just in case you might be in need of more solid information, I refer you to one of many peer reviewed articles, published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health Journal which supports DITI over mammogram for early detection of breast cancer. This particular article concluded, “DITI is a valuable adjunct to mammography and ultrasound, especially in women with dense breast parenchyma.”


Aside from the fact that I now don’t have to endure a painful “early detection” procedure, and that I can pay less for a much more accurate test, I now have a valid argument for refusing a mammogram. I’ll schedule that DITI test right away.