Are Vaccines Safe?

As I sit here contemplating what to write on the topic of vaccines, I was lead to a video about Bill Gates and his foundation that was quite eye opening to say the least. My goal is to be careful not to offer my own judgement and to offer you, the viewer/reader the opportunity to decide for yourself. There seems to have been a lot of damage done by My Gates foundation via its vaccinations in India, in Africa, and throughout the world. I wondered, when I first heard of the Gates Foundation, why a man would suddenly alter his previous behavior pattern and donate 9 figures for the purpose of vaccinations. It seems altruistic and positive for a person or business to donate money. However, over the years, we’ve all seen enough real life stories to go with movies showing the hidden agendas of corporations attempting to hide those agendas through alleged “good works”. I’m sure we all remember Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich (Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures).

In Dr David R Hawkins books, starting with his classic Power Versus Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, Hawkins demonstrates the calibratable measurement of fear and its detriments to the human mind as well as the human body. Surgeons refuse to operate on people who state they believe they are going to die because the percentage of people who do die when they had previously stated they were going to die prior to surgery is staggeringly high. Hawkins uses the science of Kinesiology to prove, unequivocally, that our  beliefs play not only a major factor in our health on a long term level, but on a day-to-day level as well. There’s been enough scientific evidence to the efficacy of this statement, that you would think the global population would work to eradicate fear and instead promote faith, positive mindset, mindfullness, and encouragement. There is nothing stopping a person from giving another a compliment or positive encouragement when they encounter another person in a CVS or other store, gas station, or even at a stop light other than what? Fear! Fear of interacting with each other. Fear of being attacked or hurt. All that needs to be done to eradicate fear is for a person to have the courage to be honest with himself/herself, and to give up their fear just like a person gives up smoking. Give it up!

We’ve seen campaigns with current and former professional athletes stating they will survive cancer when diagnosed with any type of cancer, and in variably, the percentage of people who are determined to survive do survive. Napoleon Hill, in chapter two of his classic work, Think and Grow Rich states that in order to succeed at anything a person needs a deep burning desire. When a person is bombarded with media images promoting fear, this appears to make it quite difficult for the average person who watches the main stream media and public programming, to resist the narrative being offered to the general public. However, any person has the right and the freedom to choose a new narrative; to create his/her own narrative.

How would you like to be part of the healing of our nation and our planet and its population from this perceived outbreak? All you have to do is decide you will do your own research instead of just believing the narrative being offered to the general public via the media. You don’t need to believe me. I don’t have any skin in t he game other than to see people learn how to design a life they love for themselves. That’s right. As someone who has had quite a difficult life physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually, my deep burning desire is for the people on this planet to learn how to heal their past hurts and traumas, as well as helping people to create a life they love for themselves. My deep burning desire is that people can look back on their lives with fulfillment and contentment, knowing they’ve made the most of their time here, and hopefully they have helped others to heal as well.


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