About Us

Clear Choices Healing Center 

Focusing on the development of the mind, body and soul, CCHC will provide many struggling individuals and families with a thorough foundation for future success. Clear Choices strives to serve as many people as possible, without discrimination.

Clear Choices Healing Center was conceived and organized out of Julia Piepgrass’s experience with the patients of a Naturopathic office specializing in, but not limited to Oncology. She noticed a large percentage of patients wanting and willing to take advantage of the therapies available at her Naturopathic office, but many were unable to meet the travel, lodging, and/or the actual cost of treatments. Julia searched for a solution to ease these costs, hence the idea of Clear Choices Healing Center was born.

Individual empowerment, self-determination and accountability are strong components of CCHC. Our board consists of extraordinary, passionate and like-minded individuals committed to the organization’s mission. Founded by both Julia Piepgrass and Dee Corley, their combined passions have become a mission to address the physical, emotional and energetic needs of people who wish to explore and utilize alternative health choices.

Dee is an Energy Healer and has seen what an amazing impact energy work has on the body’s ability to heal itself.  Holographic Kinetics (HK) is an energetic healing modality, born from Aboriginal practices and understanding of how Universal Laws work with, within, and around the human body. Based on fifty years of research and practice, combining both Quantum Physics and Aborigines practices, Holistic Kinetics (HK) works to re-balance the bodies own energies and natural healing systems.

Imbalances are created within our own energy and our physical body through life’s challenges. Once locked into the cells of the human body, over time, these imbalances show up as dis-ease in the physical body. HK is a non-invasive treatment able to assist individuals to find, identify and access the cause of these imbalances and bring the imbalances back into balance. Once the body’s energy is in balance, this will allow the body’s natural healing power to heal itself without the pressure of taking prescribed medications pushed onto the public by big money pharmaceutical companies. The body is an amazing organism, equipped with extraordinary abilities to heal itself. The body may still need to work in conjunction with traditional, or non-traditional techniques, but with HK, the body is freed from whatever was in the way of it healing itself.

Our Vision
Our desire is to bridge the gap between naturopathic treatments and patients, while offering alternative solutions that recognize that healing also happens in the areas of energy, emotion, beliefs and nutrition.

1. Providing lodging for patient and their support person

2. Transportation (if needed) to and from the practitioner’s office

3. Financial assistance for treatments based on need

4. Support with learning how to implement a more natural diet as prescribed by the practitioner

5. A living garden accessible at all times to all clients, sitting garden and walking trails in natural environment

6. Alternative energy healing availability to assist the body to integrate the new regimen

7. An onsite RN/Hospice trained nurse available to assist those who are in advanced status

Our vision includes providing these support centers across the nation. Where there is a naturopath, we feel there needs to be a support center for their practice and their patients. Not only will this increase business for these practitioners, but first and foremost, it will increase the ability for those who are limited financially to get the same level of care as those with unlimited funds. On-site availability of alternative healing modalities supports the patients healing.