Clear Choices Healing Center (CCHC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to providing patients with chronic illnesses the opportunity to receive Integrative Healthcare where it would not otherwise be available to them. Our primary goal is to provide support to patients of local Naturopathic practitioners. Our mission is to bridge the gap between ailing patients and alternative treatments by providing financial assistance, lodging, and transportation that are based upon a patient’s financial needs. In recognizing that healing also takes place in the areas of energy, emotion, and beliefs the vision of our center is to offer education, energy healing modalities, nutritional support, donated chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, meditation, yoga, support groups, organic gardens, walking trails, outdoor sitting areas, and serene grounds in a holistic environment. Clear Choices Healing Center will also be a community center offering “Wellness Fairs” with rotating informative topics in holistic health care by area professionals, seminars, outdoor fundraising events, and much more.

road-908487_960_720 The founders of Clear Choices Healing Centers have seen that Naturopathic and other Integrative approaches to illnesses are not universally known nor understood. If these practices were more financially accessible and more clearly understood, far more people could benefit from their treatments, especially when they have previously not benefited from Allopathic treatments in their past. One of our goals is to also help educate people to what is possible for them in treatment options. Clear Choices can be a resource in providing patients with the tools they need to fully recover optimum health and help patients to learn what to look for or to stay alert for, in order to remain healthy, once they leave our facility and return to their homes and their everyday lives. CCHC will be open to anyone who wishes to and is willing to take on a new and healing point of view concerning their own health and well-being.